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    The drop off was steep, all the way down, in fact. But Jongin looked straight down it, his heart thumping gently in his chest. He closed his eyes, unsure of what he was even doing there. Just then, he felt a hand softly grip his wrist.

    “Jongin,” a voice next to his ear said, a voice that could only be labelled as Sehun. “Don’t.”

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    Come out of your shell, they said to her. Speak up child, they said to her. But how? How in this huge, different world was she supposed to leave the cave of her mind and run in the fields of life and thoughts?

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    The role Sehun played was crucial. Be there for Jongin. It was all he needed at that moment. He was by himself, and hurt. And Sehun couldn’t do anything else about it; but be there for him. (I accidentally just wrote exo fanfic im sorry)

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    His sleeves were always too long. Not that Seungcheol didn’t like it. He loved to see Jeonghan’s beautiful little fingers poke out from the fabric of a worn crew neck. More than that, he loved to hold those fingers.

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    The bus was never Hansol’s favorite place. It was always too loud, too crowded, too much. He could always put his earbuds in and tune everyone out. But Jisoo always made it better. The other boy would sit next to him and talk. He couldn’t remember when Jisoo started to notice him, but he never could imagine himself without it.

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    To whom did I have to explain myself? Nobody. This is my life, and nobody else is in control of it. I am to do what I please, because I am the only one in control of my life.

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    Jem’s craft was photography. He was good at it, really. But it was more about the feeling, about what he put into it. He put in all his emotions, his thoughts, into the image that he captured.

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    He was mysterious. He stayed in the background mostly, and very few knew his name. He was okay with that though. They would all know him one day. They’ll see his name on TV, in magazines. Until then, he would wait for it.

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    The attack came quick. He hadn’t expected it. All he felt was the blows coming, coming, coming. The heat spread through his body as he felt on his skin. His brain felt heavy, and the last thing he saw before his vision went black was the fire of the fight before him.

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    We are all chosen for something. No matter what you think, you’re important. Even if your super power is something small, that doesn’t matter. Just know that you’re always important, you were chosen for something.