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    All the rage he held for her melted away with a single glance. She was miserable, that much was obvious. Her threadbare jacket was covered in filth and her mud streaked face was turned towards the scant warmth of the industrial lights.

  • Eh, who needs em?
    A thought, and then a whisper of a thought quickly brushed away
    Maybe I do
    Or at least a warm body
    Cold empty beds

  • The fact that there was no bagels at the store devastated her. Of course, she could just go to the other grocery but what was the point?
    No, she’ll have to choose a different last meal.

  • He was waiting for the interview. Sweat poured down his neck and wet the stiff white collar of his uncomfortable rented suit.
    He hated himself.

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    He was drunk, that was obvious. He strummed a stolen parlor guitar, singing “leave it aloooooone” over and over. He wore a sweat stained off-white tank top, ripped dress pants, his greasy hair unkept. Laugh lines creased the corners of his eyes .

  • He joined in the slow progressive line towards the looming square, grey building ahead. Every single body in the line wore a suit and tie, black on white, their distinctive features melting off, noses, freckles, moles, color. Their thoughts soon blended into a monotonous hum as their feet mechanically moved their bodies towards hell.

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    He wanted her. He wanted to disect her brain, extract every thought and contemplation and keep going until he has found her essence…and then corrupt and destroy it.

  • You don’t know how it is, the struggle with insanity. It is as if I was frozen, on a bridge, while a man in dark clothing conjured large stones from thin air with a flourish of his hand and placed them slowly into my pockets, with a heavy set half man pushing me inch by inch to the edge.

  • She stepped away from the rusty elevator doors, sweat pouring down her face. She was so close. So goddamned close.

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    She walked through the crowded street and passed a man in a top hat carrying stilts on his shoulder. A pointy moustache perched on his lip and a goatee finished the look. He caught her eye and gave her a devilish smile
    “Check out the carnival!”
    and disappeared into the mass of people.

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    My compass was broken. I was lost.
    I didn’t panic at first.
    Then the cold, hard reality hit me in the gut. I felt my heart race, my breath quickened. I started to run. Briars scratched my arms and face and tore through my clothes. I didn’t care, I was too numb.
    My run slowed to a jog and I grabbed my side, and screamed. Everything hurt.

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    “Oh shit! Oh shit!” He screamed into his iphone, “She’s not due ’till next month!!”
    I casually watched as the man who’s name may or may not be Daniel ran from Starbucks to his car. He was 23, with a wife named Sarah and an nice ordinary life. If he had lived passed today, he would have watched his son grow up, and the son’s name would have been…[Read more]

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    October 12th 2011 was the day the doctor told me my wife was dying.
    Well shit, I thought.
    My wife and I never liked each other. Our relationship was mutual. Separate rooms, separate sides of the house. God knows why were married. God knows why we stayed together.

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    The entrance was cold, broken. It wasn’t the kind of entrance you’d walk in without thought, nope…not those. It’s the kind you’d walk in with fear and hesitation at what is behind that entrance. Reality was off a bit.

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    I am not in the zone.
    I am in a half empty glass and am too lazy to look at it as half full.
    I am staring at a blank screen wondering why am I so bored.
    My lifffeee.

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    I stood by the balcony, counting my losses. Job. Life. Any chance of a relationship. Family. Purpose. All while I edged closer and closer to the edge, cars zoomed by 8 stories down.
    Tears streamed down my face, […]

  • I really needed to make a statement in this world, otherwise, I’m just another human being.
    That is when I decided to take up Guerrilla Art. Quite easy, make a sticker or stencil, spray or stick it in the […]

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    “Uhhh, ewwww gross!” Stephanie squealed for she had just stepped in a big pink wad of gum.
    Her friends laughed, while Stephanie was scraping her foot on the sidewalk, and walked away. They didn’t know what would […]

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    Taking the molten hot metal out of the fire, he fuses the hilt to the blade. It shines in the firelight, it’s elfin metal glimmering with all kinds of colors and magic.
    “I will call you Excalibur.” The proud […]

  • “Dave!!! Dave where are the freakin’ instructions!?” I screamed
    The microwave wouldn’t turn off, and it’s an autolock that stays locked when something is cooking. I had accidentally left my spoon in my tea-cup […]