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    A “bump in the night.” Beneath the shallow light of the distant moon, Ember rallies her senses. She knows she can show no fear. In Ember’s world, fear means weakens. And weakness begets only one thing: death. Here, there are no knights. No chivalrous men upon horses. But, there are certainly damsels. And, as always, there is never ending distress.

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    Gingerly, I set my trembling foot upon the break pedal. Coming to a slow halt, my little Honda Fit purred her approval.
    “What are you doing, Gabi?!” my father shouted from the passenger seat, “Green means go!”
    Behind me, cars screamed, honking like vibrant metal gangsters. Beside me, my father shouted, filling my tiny mobile space with his huge…[Read more]

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    My face against this wall against your face, cold like the untouchable moon. Warm, but for this concrete ocean stepping foot alongside foot alongside foot and creating, thus, such an irreverent, ungodly distance between us…

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    Ahead, there is a little boy with a ferocious appetite and an abounding joy. He runs to me, and I so deliver my maternal affections: “Samuel.” But, are you there? I don’t know.