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    “I know a secret,” Izabella’s voice was high, sing-songish; sprightly. It irritated Theo to his core. She raised her shoulders gleefully, “I’m not supposed to tell you, and you wouldn’t want to know.” “Then why you even mention it, Izzie dearest?” “Because I know it drives you mad.” It did. “And you know that I […]

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    Dom stood in the candlelight with his back to Mr Jansen. Jansen had an air of irrepressible satisfied triumph. He stood with a hand outstretched, his thumb holding a white envelope thick with the paper inside. “It’s yours if you want it,” Jansen said calmly, a broad grin on his old, waxen face. “You give […]

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    Everything about the place was ornate, garish, and brighter than any place had any right to be. Casinos in Henderson were not a new thing, but the individual joints themselves came and went faster than anyone, save a few residents, had even cared to notice. Oftentimes they wouldn’t bother laying off their staff; the buildings […]

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    With specific instructions like “do not, whatever you do, open this box,” the act of not opening the box was becoming increasingly more difficult as Cedric drove past the midnight hour. He hit the quiet interstate. It was small, about the size of a bread box, or so Cedric imagined. He wasn’t quite sure how […]

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    In the forest, there was a structure, old and cracked. The roof had collapsed in one place so many years ago, and the door hung from its lower hinge. Inside was one room that might have housed a family. An iron stove in one corner, a large bed nearby, with bits of roof and debris […]

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    “What’re y’off to, then?” Harold leaned in close. His breath stank. “Well? Y’can’t jus lea’mme.” A menacing grimace had come over his reddened face, creases deepened and their highlights glistened. Glen swallowed hard, his brow lowered. He had seen his father like this on maybe one or two occasions. He knew it was best not […]

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    Black clouds hung above an expanse of cracked brown ad grey dirt. Here and there a thicket of lifeless plants. Even the weeds seemed dead. Cliffs and hills lined the horizon. The only sound was that of whistling wind and shifting dust. Cesspools of muddy water from the last rainfall with swirling flies dwindled, barely […]

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    “Clara, what’s going on?” said Michael, unable to believe his eyes. “Clara?” She could not hear him. Her presence was strictly physical; her mind was somewhere else. This could be why she seemed unaware that she was floating just above ground, or that she seemed ignorant to the fact that she was emitting a bright […]

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    They lay in the desert that was once London, by the millions. Bleached from the sun, cracked and dry. Some had been trampled by scavengers, and lay in splintered ruins, others had simply become dust. A harsh wind blew across, occasionally blowing through a ruined apartment, a wrecked car. London, England, like human remains, was […]

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    He looked at her with puzzlement. Susan’s pallid, tear-streamed face was obscured by her cupped hands. Waseam’s hands were in his pockets, until the inspiration hit him to pull one out and rub her back gently. He did so with only a modicum of awkwardness. “There, it’ll be okay,” he said, unable to fool even […]

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    On any other day the line of thinking that a town of 300 people would be more than apt to take on a band of no more than eight thieves, cutthroats and beastly troglodytes would be correct. However, as the boorish troupe of philistines sauntered over the foothills, along the aged cobblestone road, a bad […]