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    It had never occurred to Duvalian that his religious teachings could ever be construed as limited, but as he looked around the room with his eyes and mind in perfect clarity, feeling at one with the world and all of its inhabitants, he realised that if his priests could not discuss this experience, they could not teach him religion.

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    That’s where the magic happens. Outdoors. Your relationships are doors. Your job is a door. Your hobbies are doors. They’re not walls. Not cushions. Not plates of food. They are doors, and they’re showing you the other side.

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    “I don’t want to be disposable,” he said.

    “Or, I can’t support a system where everybody is disposable. Once upon a time, I could.” His eyes glittered with wet. “Honour. Courage. They’re all just synonyms for disposability in an army led by that horrible man.”

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    Just so go slowly, there’s no need to rush, despite what they all tell you. Allow yourself to breathe, now. There’s no race. Nothing bad is going to happen if you just take it easy. You’ll get to where you want to be, just keep your gaze steady on the target and keep walking.

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    There’s only a smidgeon of rotation required. Just tilting your head a few degrees to the side and you will see the world differently. And it doesn’t force you down that path, it gives you the option to see the world in a number of different ways. You will walk amongst the world like its master. You don’t need a university degree to make that…[Read more]

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    She wouldn’t crumble. No matter how long she was instructed to stay there. Though he could see her arms shake, and the tears fall into her blinking eyes, she would not give in. He imagined what her muscles would have felt like by now, long since soaked in lactic acid and sending out screams of pain up through her spine. Yet she stayed. Defiant.

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    It was just like this yesterday. Maybe when the world keeps demanding the same thing over and over again, one might eventually decide that it’s broken. That it needs to be hit with a heavy, open palm. Restarted. One might cease to think that being a pawn is a good idea.

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    Are we just pawns in some big game of destiny? No, probably, not, but I also don’t think that what we do in this life really matters. We might think we’re saving thousands of lives in one big act of heroism, but if they don’t know, they’ll die anyway, and their lives will remain unchanged.

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    It’s really all there is to it. Once you can clear your mind, you’ll see the world differently. You’ll see what’s right there – not what you imagine is there, not what you fear is there, but only what is. Enlightenment isn’t difficult to understand, and to be frank, it’s quite boring in its simplicity. Seeing the world clearly is all you need to do.

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    Tables and shelves and stages and stools. The world is a river, floating along a lake one moment, and at the next, dropping down a cliff into the next pool, where it is held for a moment before being drained again.

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    Looking back, yes, I’d agree it was a cult. But it didn’t feel like that back then, more like we had an avatar of god, a direct descendent of divinity walking amongst us, and we begged him to tell us things. He gave us our names, he told us where we should live, and how we should work. It’s hard to tell whether we gave him that power or whether we…[Read more]

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    Was it something the apple farmer’s said when they realised they could make a buck? Like ‘you need to drink milk if you want good bones’? Or ‘you’ll never grow up like a strong man if you don’t eat beef?” An apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away. I should know, I’m a doctor and I’m still here.

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    Here it is. The crossroads. The decision that is forced upon you. The one that you would have had to make, whether you willed it or not. It has come, and unless you wish it to haunt you like a shadow that follows you from one incarnation to the next, it would be wise to make this choice her and now. So what will it be? Do you choose the rock? Or…[Read more]

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    It was made of elm, oak, and the melted hooves of a prized horse, favoured by some rich baron that lived over the hill. When the Baron’s house heard why he had asked for it, they offered to give him some tail hair from the same horse. But Turiahn wanted to use his own horse’s hair as a string, he just never had the heart to melt his best friends’…[Read more]

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    There is a spoon in my soup and it floats amongst the carrots and celery tops. It stirs and swirls the flavours around the bowl. Pulling it into the air with my fingers, it levers and swings in the air, steam billowing about like a fish out of water.

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    It’s not a sunny day today, but the air outside is cool and fresh and the sun reflects off the dew like a zillion tiny flashlights held by fairies, that just want to make the day nicer for your eyes. It’s not summer, but nor is it winter, and the seedlings have sprouted, absorbing the sun, and stretching, successfully towards their prime stature.

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    She smelt the perfume rise up from the crushed leaves under her feet before she saw it. Violet, the smell and taste of spring. Inwardly, she rejoiced to be back in the mountains, back in her home, but outwardly, she stayed composed. She wanted him to fall in love with the valley too.

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    What is it? What will it be? What skill will you dedicate your life to? How good are you at it? Do you have a natural talent for it? Are you willing to put in the 4000 hours that it’s going to take before anyone can appreciate it? Would you be willing to pursue it while your friends are off getting high-paying jobs off in the mines? Getting…[Read more]

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    The house looked at them from down the valley. It peered upwards at them from underneath its verandah like a mouse pretending not to be seen, and they looked right back, wondering at what riches lay inside.

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    You know what I don’t need in my life right now? Stability. Nor security, and neither long-term plans. I need to wave my arms in the air and not worry about hitting anyone. I don’t even need a holiday, they’re just there so that we can keep sane through a mind-numbing life of banality. I need to leave.