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    He sat in stillness, watching the raindrops roll down the window, rooting for one to beat the other to the bottom. Ali refocused his glance to the girl crossing the street. If I sit still enough, he thought, I might just not be noticed by her.

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    The morality of the guy made him just that much hotter, and while Sarah leaned back onto the railing to observe him better, he was helping a girl who fell. Lovestruck, Sarah was in no way worried about the girl.

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    Too preoccupied by the new set of twins, mom let me go out to the grocery store to fetch things we need. Little did I know that the one visit to that store would change my life for the better. “Hi there,” a boy down the aisle said to me. I turned to face him […]

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    I was not convinced of the lies he was continuing with ever hit of his tongue against his palet, but I let him speak on just to think of what he would say next. Eventually. Eventually I’d stop him and get the REAL story of what happened that night, but for now I’m perfectly fine […]

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    The couch under the window had a dim light covering half of it, as an exhausted Justin came to sit down after a long day at work. He was anxious for what the couch would bring tonight; a scary movie night with the girl he’s liked for over a decade. She’ll sadly never feel the […]

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    The couch in the front living room, however, was more than just a couch to him. It was his whole life from the time he was six years old. That could held christmas gifts and sickness memories and even his first kiss. Finding out he had to get rid of him broke his heart.

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    Flustered that she was found, Alisa arose from her crouched position behind the tuba case and stepped over a ledge to get out of the corner. “How’d you possibly find me?” He ignored her question. “For God’s sake, Alisa, I cant believe you’re skipping another class! You need to get your act together! You’ve been […]