• I have never felt so repressed. Today it seems like everything and everyone is repressing me, just because they can. Just because they think I am lower then them. My class-ranking in Shapto is not what makes me who I am. I am not just a citizen class. I am not just Filth and I will be repressed no longer. I want to be free and I will stop the…[Read more]

  • “I feel so incomplete anymore, life just seems to weigh me down. It is hard to focus.” “what do you mean life just seems to weigh you down?” “I don’t know, it just does.” Elesy released a long sigh and sucked in a soft breath of air to calm her nerves.

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    Elesy strung the bow quietly as she locked onto her target with her forest eyes. The stillness was almost deafening as the bow sung.

  • Dale was watching the kids. They were so rude, they completely disregarded that his sister wasa person. No, all she was, was a freak with a cane. Or the creepy blind girl. They were so harsh, so mean. His sister […]

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    It was a blast of cold air that woke him up, and he realized quite suddenly that he was outside, in his boxers, on the cold dewey lawn, and the sun was just barely peaking over the hill. With a start he jumped up […]

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    Carson watched the flares shot off from Alexanders and Arabelles handmade holders, and with amazzement etched in his face as the flares were answered within about ten minutes time. Carson had never heard of flares used to find people, bu he was definitely thnakful for the flare.

  • It was amazing. The feeling of an epiphany. It was sudden, but very strong, like a wave blaasting over someone standing idly on the shore of a great lake or at the head of the ocean. It hit like a winter blizzard, unexpected and from the hozion least expected.

  • It was their sacrifice. It was somthing they had to do. Not just for the world, not just of rGod, but for themselves too. They freed the world. They freed themselves in the sacrifice they made, it was for the best, and they all knew, the eight knew, as they boarded the train that it […]

  • He was a shpeherd. He still is a shepherd, except not to just sheep, but to millions of people. everyday, he leads them, and he tends them. The Lord tends to them all, he takes care of all wounds, all illnesses, he helps those who suffer from emotional pains and from physical pains, even the […]

  • it was weird for her, her of all people to be holding a semi automatic gun. she hated guns, swore off from using them ever again, and yet, here she was standing with a semi automatic gun pointed to the other woman’s head, the betrayers head. it was not right for someone to betray someone […]

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    we can all take comfort in the lord. it’s something we can always trust in. no matter how bad or how dark it may seem, because God never leaves us, even when people die, and when those candles are put out, the Lord is still right there, ready to hold us, ready to wipe away […]

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    it was a radical change moving across the country. moving from london over to a small town by the name of summersville missouri, it seemed almost a waste, almost stupid. thats why it was so radical. it was weird, but it was a job, one that she would neve rforgot all the time remaining on […]

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    relate: it means to connect or be related throug blood to a person. relate is also something we do when we speak, we relate, we just say it, we just go with it, and we just hsare it, no matter how dumb it may seem, we just relate it, because in all honesty we can […]

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    He loved castles. They were large, vast, unexplored, and beautiful; they held secrets, undiscovered mysteries. Many were the wonders of the castle. Not including the view, or the things near to it. But, Reymond loved castles for other reasons too. They made him feel secure, powerful, and guarded, especially Blexuim Castle, of Eastern Corderis, it […]

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    Lissie was cold. Cold and dead. Her partner, laying, cradling her dead body. It was a hard job, he tried to stop her from going into the gunfire. He tried to prevent her, because they were partners for 15 years. If only she hadn’t gone into the shootout, if only she had been sick, he […]

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    The elastic hairband stung when Lillian snapped it on her wrist, trying to calm the thoughts to harm, the thoughts to die, she snapped it again when she wanted to feel the blood running. The elastic snapped against her wrist again when she envisioned the blade of a razor cutting her arms deep, cutting them […]

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    Lillian watched the water boiling over the edge of the werid bowl shaped pond thing. It was odd seeing that, it was odd in general and completely uncalled for, but in thgis strange world the grass the pink grass brushing against her feet.

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    A muse. It’s a funny word, or to people who don’t write a lot or don’t think a lot, or even draw a lot. Muse. Hm… Muse is what happens when I think of my boyfriend, I muse about him, and what it will be like the next time I am with him, and what […]

  • Slowly the lightning struck, or so it seemed that everything was moving slowly, including the sound of thunder roaring, it all came out differently; much more slowly than usual. Everything was running in slow motion, almost moving backward, or that is how her mind foresaw it, because everything in the world was odd, different. Something […]

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    The skeletal remains of the girl, of Lyca, was a terrible sight to see. Anyone who knew her was devasted, and those who did not were at a loss of what to say or think, because there were the remains of that little girl, of a little girl with a promising future, that was abruptly […]