• Frodo commented on the post, stalled 7 years ago

    Waiting in the cold for the bus to come and its like -78 degrees out here.

  • Frodo commented on the post, leathery 7 years ago

    Jim was on ebay looking for a nice jacket to were that would make him look important. He settled on a nice leather jacket for $50. The leather jacket was shipped to him and when he got he realized it was fake leather and he didn’t even look good in it. So he bought another leather jacket for $79, this time on craigslist.

  • Frodo commented on the post, grasped 7 years ago

    Bob grasped the rock above him and pulled himself up. He was climbing mount everest, because he couldn’t find anything else to do during the weekend. And he only had 29,029 ft. left to go. @:0

  • Frodo commented on the post, fatigue 7 years ago

    Can’t think of anything to write… so sleepy… yawn… I’m tired.. Don’t no what to write… yawn… ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Frodo commented on the post, flat 7 years ago

    The big burly giant fell off the beanstalk. Down down down getting closer to the ground. A young man happened to be looking at the sky and saw the giant. Down down down it fell. Then it landed on that young man and squashed him FLAT. :)

  • Frodo commented on the post, society 7 years ago

    Do I have to live here? Things are moving too fast, I don’t get all these gadgets, and passwords, and socialite media sites or something like that…

  • Frodo commented on the post, learn 7 years ago

    I did the one above. the one about pickles. @:) Now

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    Babys get diabetes when given too much hot sauce. To stop diabetes instead buy Dave’s healthy and nutritious tomato sauce! CLICK HERE TO ORDER