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    both times she swallowed a toxic air of uncertainty. tainted rejection trickled down her throat. he dropped her hand as though he had never known the warmth of her skin. both choking on words that don’t seem to escape from their lips. both bothered and bewildered. unraveled and afraid of the darkness beyond their time together.

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    there is someone standing in the back of the room, and he’s so keen. i see him standing there smoothing over his red suspenders, every so often adjusting his thick-rimmed glasses as if to zoom in on my face. he’s […]

  • i am digging deep into my pockets while emptying out the contents of my life. crumpled train tickets to nowhere, miscellaneous trappings of nomadic years, and a bountiful selection of vague notions towards a life […]

  • there he stood. alone. red tie neatly pressed against the horizontal lines of azure on his crisply ironed shirt. a camera and flood-lights positioned in front of him. a signal. a clear of the throat. a motion of […]

  • Sometimes there are little pieces of people strewn about in parts of the city with special memories locked into leather lockboxes. Sometimes people carry heavy things which may wither away; it happens because […]

  • i am an attendant at the affair to which i do not belong. there are rows of chairs draped in pearl-white satin, bound together by sashes of crimson silk bows. i am an attendant here and there is nobody to greet me […]

  • catcher of playthings. return my deflated red ball. my kite ripped down the middle by late-july winds. did you ever find that rowboat, the one i used to float in the tub while pops told stories about fantastical […]

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    tree trunks which bear souls. bare souls. naked soldiers. stripped of a cavity. for bare-naked souls to fly free. fly fast. they hold fast. steady. in bodies, trunks of trees which bear souls. bare souls.

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    five stars for the man with the gimp leg. three stars for the mistress with the humpback. two stars for the prep with the slightly crooked nose. one star for the poster girl supermodel wannabe from outerspace.

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    you are the staple. chicken is my staple. open my mouth. because i’m broken. so staple. fix me with something useful. like man made fixer uppers. like staples.

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    pastel summer sunsets
    so easy
    you’re whimsical
    clouds whipped cream
    pastel dream team
    laughing daffodils
    and spring love