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    Cheer, she sat in the chair. Her back arched gently to let the chair caress the covered flesh. She grinned, her hand held and intertwined with another’s. The small fingers in touch with her’s left little beats of warmth on the edges of her hand.

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    They are sad, sad together and apart. Soon they will not know the difference. Sleeping beneath the stars. They cannot feel one another. Their arms no longer brush. One girl gone the other live they feel no heat or rush.

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    She smiled with all her front teeth showing. The pink of her gum line appearing as her silent grin turned to laughter. The mixture of bell like tones as she continued to light her gaze upon me with her eyes crinkling in at the edges. You can’t despise a smile. The ease as it crosses a face. The simplicity as it’s owner releases control to the joy…[Read more]