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    I just didn’t care anymore.

    I could hear him pleading and crying as I grabbed my keys and jacket, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I went out the front door. The screen door blew open in the wind behind me, and he was there by it.

    I didn’t want to see the spittle on his lips or the red in his eyes.

    I couldn’t forgive him this time. I…[Read more]

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    He sat beneath a blue, ever blue sky, amidst the scent of cut grass and fresh blossoming trees. Meanwhile, the rest of the world burned for the decisions he had wrought. And had he a mind anymore, he might have cared. But they had played their cards well, and the one man that could stop their invasion was empty inside.

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    They said it was a measure of a man. Bill’s feet hit the pavement, screen door slamming behind them. He couldn’t stand to see her face anymore, or hear the children’s laughter. He couldn’t be the provider, he couldn’t be strong. He didn’t want to think about their tears or the diapers. The toys or legos on the floor, the dishes in the sink and the…[Read more]

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    “What I want is a -real- woman,” he said, and sat back to drink his coke.

    “Your first mistake was thinking that your opinion matters at all, to me, or to any women.”

    “And the second,” he asked and smirked.

    She clenched her fingers into a fist as she stood up, and spoke as she swung. “Opening your fucking mouth.”

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    The sound of the rain was magnified by the plastic cover that closed the air conditioner. It was still on from the winter, trying vainly to stop the north wind. But beneath the rain, were the sounds of her soft sobbing through the bathroom door. There were no words left, none to be found, and he could only sit by the window and look at the dismal…[Read more]

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    Every morning was the same as the last, at least since her mother’s mind had seeped into the greying strands of her hair. When she was little, the broom had come out in the mornings too, to sweep the cobwebs from the cabin, and brush away mayflies that clouded on the windows. But now she swept nothing, and the straw dragged, dry and broken.

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    The glass tinked under Terry’s finger. The compass had simple stopped working, much like the watch on his wrist. As much as time had no meaning in this place, so had magnetism and direction merely ceased to be.

    It was then he realized his heard no longer beat.

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    The sausage hit the pan and sizzled loudly, a hush of steam rising as they mixed with the onions. Dave didn’t look up from where he sat as Mark stirred the fried bits together. The heady scent of the onions […]

  • “Just keep in mind that I’m… open to the suggestion,” she said and looked at him with bedroom eyes.
    James fumbled a moment, trying to formulate a word before he cleared his throat and said, “Uh yeah. Yes, of […]

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    “…hallowed be thy name, they kingdo-”

    The words cut off as the axe fell, the heavy steel slicing true and clean. Blood spurted warm and hot onto the snow, and another swing of the axe severed the tendons and […]

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    The thrusters burned hard and the sky lit with their fire as we broke orbit, sending us crashing across the deck and into the cargo. The engines whined and the systems screamed, blaring safety […]

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    “Totally epic,” Jared said, and sunk deeper into his seat. His eyes were half-lidded and his pupils dilated. A haze hung in the air around us, a pungent smell accompanying it.

    “Yeah,” I said, and my heart raced […]

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    The wagon bumped on the muddy road, and the already soggy book flew from my hands. I moved in its wake, reaching for what wasn’t there and crying out.

    “Shut it,” the man beside me hissed, and backhanded me […]

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    “Not another one of these drab functions,” he said and took to my side, raising his brow to glance up at me. “Julian, I don’t know why you bother.” “For looks,” I replied, and took the mimosa from his hand. Downing it quickly, I smiled to placate him. “Always for looks, you know that.” “I […]

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    The snow fell outside the window, a silent cascade of old fashioned soap flakes, scarce lit by the crescent moon in the sky. The lake was frozen, and fire logs cracked in the stove. I had wanted this for …too long. Marie’s face cracked in a smile as she glanced to me, tugging the thread […]

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    I had so many plans, scattered around my thoughts like pages, post-its, maps, and crusty glasses on a desk. It’s almost funny how they pale in comparison to a diagnoses such as that.

    Marla is crying in the next room. She had plans too.

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    I pressed to the window as the plane touched down, bumping on the runway. The air filled with the rush of the engines and my seatbelt held me back as I buoyed forward with the momentum. I was going to see him. I was finally going to see him. Eight months of webcams, phone calls, […]

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    Down below. That was where we sent them. Their voices heard above it all, the creak of wood and the slap of waves; a bellow, a cry, screaming and hitting to be free. From the pitch of night to the burning noon of day. But they would never grant it.

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    The crisp snapped on her lips as she sat across the room and watched me. It was infuriating, really. Watching those slender thighs cross, and delicate wrists slip into and from the bag to eat them. I could feel the rolls of my stomach gurgle and whine, and the creases round my waist and back […]

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    The view from atop the platform was stunning. I shuffled my feet on the rotting, wet wood, and I could just barely see the trees over the castle wall. The sky was burning, reds and oranges. It was beautiful. Somehow fitting. And then the executioner tightened the noose and I held my breath. Let me […]