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    mirage is a phenomenon due to Total Internal Reflection, favoured by high temperatures, and generally occurs in deserts, in which the inverted images of objects appear which makes one conclude that there is water in the desert. This term is usually used by poets to refer things that are specious, and are meant to fool seekers.

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    i collect shells from seashores. SHells come in different shapes and colours, and a good collection is beautiful. Shells can also be pained to give a beautiful llok. they can be made into ornaments, and can be used for decorative purposes. Shells are made of Calcium Carbonate mainly.

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    I am burning to find out the mystery of life. I am agnostic. I burn to know whether there exists a supreme being, looking over us all. Or, is this all a chance> I burn to know the goal of life. Is this life meant to do some philanthropic service, and leave only, or is there a higher cause?

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    Crows do not let other birds live in their habitat. They are competition for the other birds, and may even kill them for food. A diversity of birds are not found where crows are. But, they are scavengers, and help clean the environment, by eating decaying food.

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    I have never been in a trench. I have never fallen into a trench. Not a trench in the absolute sense. But, I have had downs in life. Falling into them was due to fate, and my own folly. But, one should always strive to get out of it, and start life again, like the phoenix rises from the ashes.