• (I)
    From afar, the girl looked at

    Faired-skin, red lips, black hair,
    rosy cheeks.

    The eerie resemblance –
    only I can tell the difference.

    As I stepped in closer, closer and closer,
    she appeared no nearer.

    An illusion?

    The girl wore a black shirt,
    Way too over-sized
    for her liking;
    for my l…[Read more]

  • Someone needs to teach me how to love
    and accept the love I should deserve.

    I once begged you to stay but now it’s all different.
    I don’t even know why I have a fetish to avoid love given to me
    and make myself so miserable.

    Perhaps its the insecurities –
    do they dread my thorns or
    will they love my fragrance and
    do they accept that…[Read more]

  • You taught me about the constants in Chemistry –
    Avogadro’s Number, Boltzmann constant, Gas constant.

    You taught me about life –
    you were once a devoted Christian but now
    thinking that it was all naive;
    faithless atheist.

    You taught me about the minuscule, the unimaginable –
    atoms, molecules and their

    you’d never…[Read more]

  • (so won’t you stay with me
    that’s all i need.)

  • feel the beat of the tambourine
    its beautiful sound against all these

  • Pursuit – comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms.
    The most highly pursued pursuit: Happiness.

    While chasing pavements, we lose ourselves.
    We forgot why we started and where we first were.
    Happiness, really?

    One day,
    I found a conversation with my reflected self:
    “why do you chase after uncomparable beauty and intangible…[Read more]

  • Are also thorns that accompanied your words which scarred me
    internally and eternally.

  • Glowing
    is your skin against the natural lighting of the sun.

    Nothing more beautiful,
    Nothing more I could ask for.

    I would love you (your skin and bones) gently
    like the rays laid on your body by the light of dawn.