• “Tell me more about your family,” Sinnie prompts, holding open a bag as Jolene tosses in pieces of a cast she’s removing.

    “My family? Hah. There aren’t many of us left,” the doctor seems to be more amused by this fact than sorrowful, though it’s never exactly easy to tell what she’s thinking at the moment.

    “As I mentioned a while ago, th…[Read more]

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    Jolenne could hear them, more often than they realized.

    “The doc hasn’t been outside since we got here… is she alright?”

    “She’s always like this. She’s got something against the sun, I swear. What a freak.”

    “Really? Weird.”

    They weren’t wrong, exactly. There were many things about the world outside her medical tent which kept her…[Read more]

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    Sinnie scowled behind her helmet, thankful that none of the civilians could see her indecision. They weren’t entirely civilians, was the thing. They were trainees in an enemy camp. But new ones, still relatively harmless. Still young with plenty of life left to live, if it hadn’t been taken away by this endless war.

    “Don’t hesitate, priva…[Read more]

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    Peter waved a hot-pad in front of the oven, wafting the hot air away from his mask before reaching in to retrieve his prize. Three round cakes, dyed with special food coloring to make them silver, bronze and […]

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    Peter and his two boys stood solemnly around the work bench. It had been a rough couple of months, watching their creator struggle with the loss of Delilah. The bedraggled inventor had poured his heart and soul […]

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    Rabbit crossed his arms and stood in the corner stubbornly with a quiet hrmph.
    “Now now, Rabbit, don’t be that way,” Peter smiled at him from the work bench, twisting his screwdriver in behind the silver […]

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    Sherlock leaned back against the cool bricks of the underpass, letting his head rest on the dank surface as he exhaled a thick cloud of tobacco smoke and breath-fog. The fog swirled around him and wrapped gently […]

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    Sherlock laid back as the darkness and the high-thread-count sheets enveloped him, rolling onto his side to fix a gaze on the crescent moon as he contemplated the night’s events. The adrenaline and endorphins from […]

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    The boys shuffled in from the taxi, their newly-tanned skin a stark contrast to the bleak, grey sky outside. Sherlock immediately dropped their luggage once he was across the threshold, and tromped up the stairs. […]

  • The case was only a level six, but John had begged Sherlock to take it because it was the bloody ZOO and he hadn’t been since primary school. Before he knew it, Sherlock found himself wandering between exhibits […]

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    John figured Mycroft must have disconnected Sherlock’s phone after his death. It was a likely explanation as to why John’s messages never went from the “Outgoing” folder of his phone to the “Sent” folder, as […]

  • Before Sherlock died, the two flatmates rarely touched. John was withdrawn and still used to the homophobic atmosphere of the military. Sherlock was just as withdrawn, more concerned with clues and details than […]

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    John leaned over the back of the wheelchair and planted a kiss between Sherlock’s curls. “You’ll love this,” he promised, pushing the previously bed-laden detective through the doors of a small convention […]

  • John was relaxing at home with the radio on, windows thrown open to welcome in the rare glimpse of sunlight and gentle breezes. It was far past time to air out the stench of stale, rotted watermelon that had […]

  • John rolled over and curled his arm around Sherlock’s diminutive waist, burying his cheek against the smooth pectorals. “I still can’t believe I was nominated for an Oscar,” he grinned down towards Sherlock’s […]

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    Mycroft was gone for the day, probably off to pester the Prime Minister about Bulgaria, Sherlock had mused. He sighed softly with a relaxed smile and leaned back into the armrest of his brother’s overstuffed […]

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    Sebastian scuffed his shoe against a mark on the granite floor, looking up as John emerged from the washroom. The sniper ran his eyes up and down along the doctor, checking for any last-minute fixups. He reached […]

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    “Come on,” Hope snarled as he pushed John into the elevator. “There’s no use fighting any more, you’re going to get on the plane and you’ll be in Hawaii with Sebastian by this time tomorrow. We’ve got to separate […]

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    John longed to hold on to Sherlock in some way as the two stepped over the threshold, a cold shield of magic washing over them in a protective cleansing as they approached the hallowed sanctuary of the Dali Lama. […]

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    Greg and John exchanged glances briefly outside the door to the superintendant’s office. Both men sported bloodshot eyes, Greg’s dark and sunken in from stress and lack of sleep, John’s sore and slightly crusty […]