• We were never afraid of the dark as children I think; something about it comforted you, and I was too proud to be afraid of something you weren’t.

    It was strange though, because even as I thought myself brave, I would still stick a leg out from the covers, thinking if a monster were to grab me maybe it would be satisfied with my foot and spare…[Read more]

  • I lay in bed, with this heavy blanket the same weight in the summer, winter, spring. The walls are gray and the floor carpeted white, the only sound the ticking of a plain black clock – not corrected for Daylight Savings time of course.

    As I have done in recent years, this past Sunday I spent watching the clocks on my phone, computer, waiting…[Read more]

  • Last night, she stood on the rooftop, walked over tot he edge and glanced around her. Beside her was the entire city, imposing spiraled cathedrals, reaching for the stars. Helicopters and stars alike creating bright spots in a night sky, cars and people all smaller than ants.

    For a moment, the world was small and comprehensible.

    But only…[Read more]

  • I am an empty person you know.

    Where there should be lungs instead is a space, a gaping hole, some nuts and bolts, a veritable collection of dust-mites.

    Where there should be a brain instead is a frozen sea, ice concealing something deep and submerging, saltwater overflowing from my nose and ears.

    Where there should be a heart instead is…[Read more]

  • When I was younger, I used to give away my love like it was a renewable resource. And so I’d give out bits and pieces of my heart, hands outstretched with twitching tissue.

    Now, I am still young, and my heart is a shell of what it used to be, slivers of afterthoughts and clotted blood.

    And without that energy, blood no longer moving under my…[Read more]