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    She said it wasn’t a weave, but he wasn’t so sure. The only way he’d ever find out is by asking her hairdresser directly.

  • Better keep shuffling ’til you get a good hand. Metaphorically speaking.

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    With only one donut left in the box, she knew what she had to do. She grabbed the nearest knife, and got to work slicing, until that one powdered donut was cut into 8 individual pieces, one for everyone on the boat.

  • “Look, you need to decide which is gonna make you the bigger dork, band or orchestra. Band: You gotta march around on the football field. Orchestra: You gotta carry around a violin case. These are confusing times, bro.”

  • What if you looked up and one of those icicles just happened to break off at the very same time? That icicle would be the last thing you saw, that’s for sure. At least out of the eye right below the icicle.

  • It was a new approach for him, for sure — always looking on the bright side. So when that wasp stung him, it was the wasp fulfilling its destiny. Or the new doctor getting his first wasp-sting-allergy patient. One of those.

  • When he said he would only wear animal prints, that’s when I almost lost it. NO ONE is too good for stripes or plaid. No one.

  • It was hard not to be somewhat offended — “that’s a stripper name” is not exactly a compliment. But on the other hand, would he have said that if he found her completely unattractive? Probably not, she thought.

  • “I don’t mean to overreact, but godammit, you have 8 cats living here and only one person, so that creates what I would have to describe as an unholy and terrible 8:1 cat to human ratio.”

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    Every morning she takes out her broom, it’s the one with the blue handle and the duct tape wrapped around the top, and the shuffles up to the sidewalk, where she sweeps. She is not deterred by the weather, or by anything, it seems. She never tires of this, or if she does, it doesn’t […]

  • The water on the streets was beginning to pool in more places than usual, and Ted thought back to the 6 o’clock news he once saw about how to escape your car in case of a flood.

  • She stared at her locker. She touched it. So cold. She tried to relax and let her mind go blank. What. Were. Those. Numbers. It was going to be a very long year.

  • In the fog of all that smoke, it sounded like the most profound thing he’d ever heard.

  • Like a gunshot heard across the plains.

  • He knew he would have to be the most passionate, the most attuned, the most devoted, and the most intensely attentive — superlatively at the top of his game. Because it was a game.

  • She knew she loved her husband. She told him every day how much. But sometimes she wondered if she would have been better off alone, like her own mother had been.

  • Sacrificial coffee is what he called it, as he poured the entire pot down the drain. He said it was for some holy purpose, I say it was a huge waste. But maybe he’d been pulling my leg.

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    “Ya, I know my jokes aren’t, like, laugh riots or whatnot, but c’mon,” she said, twirling her hair around her finger. “Those mu-fuhs totally could have, like, fake laughed or something. I am royal pissed now.”

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    It was exactly 3:30 a.m. Bundled up in his parka and hat, he stepped outside. The night sky was a deep orange color, though a few stars managed to peek through the haze. The air was thick and cold. He could hear a rustle in the hedge; maybe it was a squirrel. He hoped they […]

  • Although he did not approve of graffiti — everything about it made him nearly physically ill, in fact — he could not help but admire the artistry of a particular bit of it that adorned the wall of the building where he went for his weekly massage.