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    he gazed at the toadstool set before him on the table. he thought the mushroom shaped chair he’d been sitting on was just a joke, but now….
    the chair looked the same as the plant before him. it was a literal toadstool. the old woman before him smiled appreciatively.

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    She stood before the embassy, cool and collected. She had never been more sure of anything in her life. As she spoke, she knew she was in control, and she could see his confidence crumbling with every word she said. At the end, she smiled wide in thanks, knowing the world was now hers.

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    the main attraction

    but is it really?

    all flashing lights and bright noises

    nothing but blank static beneath

    the placeholder,

    no real substance there

    nothing much that will stay

    when everything is gone.

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    a trail of bittersweet tears mark an unnoticed path down his sleeping face. he will wake not knowing why. across the world, she will do the same, and neither will know what to do.