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    Her fatigue was like a fuzzy light, the end of a blaze eclipsing into night. It was hard to be half tired. there were flames and there were embers, but no space between.

  • She searched the mirror for imprints of others, half-remembered. Whose ghastly subterfuge gifted me this shock of a mane? Whose beguiling imbued me with this look of unrelenting candor? Are there any visible traces of the lines of madness in my blood? She examined herself intently, looking for signs of it beneath the surface, wondering if those…[Read more]

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    “Are you worried about something?”

    I stood in the doorway scrutinizing his expression, reluctant to intrude but posting myself as willing if he wanted to invite me, somehow unable to read him despite how hard we both seemed to be trying. We left so much deliberately unsaid between us that a mutual understanding and the precise contents of gaps…[Read more]

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    (A Michael Flynn saga, in four parts)

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    After so long – /so/ long – it’s difficult to remember exactly how to convey to someone that they’re welcome. You don’t have to fear me, I want to say. I can make space for you, I fail to convey. Please stay near me: the adjacent impossible.

  • The creeping growth, the swollen air, the tilt of the light away, the sullen dampness and the dark: there’s a reason in each season to dwell in tedium. But then, too, the awakening and the rambling and the crispness and the silence: she could find more reasons for movement, if she tried hard enough.

  • “All right, here’s the gameplan…” I wanted her to feel ensconced in my scheme, was though I could fold the two of us into a furtive, feminine intimacy. Mostly, I just wanted her to like me.

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    I slept under the crook of his arm. There’s something about the way men hold you: it can be firm without being tight.

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    Right there, she said.
    No, just a bit higher.

  • I can never tell whether you’re an incentive or a treat. You make be better, and then you make me worse.

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    I’m beginning to suspect you slipped a magnet into my bag when I went away. No matter how far afield I stray, I feel hints of you: subtle intimations through luminiferous ether.

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    I never opened the letter he sent me. It had nothing to do with my fondness for him, which was limitless; it was more about an unwillingness to revert to the self I had been when he knew me. When we reconnected, I never told him, either; I didn’t want to disappoint him.

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    The lack of criticism – and, moreover, the lack of willingness to invest in me by criticizing – left me feeling frustrated, insufficient when measured against an unknown gauge, curled in my own lacunas.

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    Something about them worked in concert: the clickly-clack back-and-forth with an occasional soaring overture, always followed by gasping, delighted laughter at their own performance. Even the inharmonious minor splits were interesting, additive.

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    It’s been a strange few weeks, she thought, with lips crooked at the sand. Grapefruit & soda made her head settle. Though they didn’t actually get any of the things done.

  • Funny, isn’t it, how guidance evaporates the closer one arrives to true north. The moment the map is pulled out from under you marks the precipice of truly uncharted territory.

  • There’s being tied in knots, and then there’s feeling irrevocably Gordian. Sometimes I get so churned about it that I want to screw the path function and cut myself loose in some sort of Alexandrian autopsy, but that would be cheating. Struggling, likewise, only tightens the rope. Nothing to do meanwhile but wait for the oh-of-course to undo me:…[Read more]

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    She’d known about the Wow! signal but had never thought through the emotional implications. To feel “of course” so strongly – enough to suspend her brain and uncloak her heart, to latch onto the faint promise of possibility – only to linger as the signal went dark was something she did not like very much at all.

  • She could find the leverage points – dedicate her life to nudging them in the right direction – but the emergence of this odd millennial death cult consumed her with dread. Cycles of revenge, and destruction, and disenfranchisement turned over upon themselves, pressure points bubbling to the surface every few years like beads in some sort of…[Read more]

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    Logically, she knew she should remain calm. It was mostly new mediums making everything seem haywire; the fundamentals of the system were strong, and the better angels of our nature would prevail. But human nature became so slippery when corrupted by fear, and she wasn’t sure she had much faith in angels, anyway.