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    She was standing on it with every ounce of core strength left in her after the hour long performance. Knives supplanted in her ballet shoes could have killed the audience. Some older gents would have welcomed death. But her drive was to stay alive. Her message of perseverance would last a gut wrenching 5 minutes. Beauty falls short of her endeavor.

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    I had to switch this machinery. We needed to get on the road two hours ago. But Agnes said this procedure would take at least 4. I gave him one. Loaded everyone up and now we’re off to face some freaking evil.

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    There was an urge to be efficient. We had little time before but now we had none. We had to create time. Somewhere between licking our wounds and orchestrating this attack, we had to come through.

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    We were away. In an island of our own… well not really, many people lived here before us but still. We were free. Our little house by the ocean and all the time in the world. To love each other.

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    It hadn’t occurred to me that an organic juice, coffee and wine bar might have to be a bit reliant on the weather. Guess we didn’t cover all our bases. Now what to do about these diminishing profits…?

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    This was our big chance. We were going undercover as big philanthropist under Koi’s business banner. No one would think anything of us. Just three hot guys who own an organic juice chain, out here to promote ourselves by pretending we gave a fuck about whatever charity this is.

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    I was ecstatic to find out I wasn’t going to die after all. That I could see my children grow up and hate me, to visit all those places I always said I would, to grow old with my wife… and that’s when I found out my wife had made peace with my death and had emotionally moved on so as to feel no pain when I perished. She was ready to move past me…

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    I had to rebuild myself after I decided to stop drinking. Sobriety was wise but it was also boring. And have never allowed myself to be described by an aura of ennui. I would have to go through some inner inspection to find what exactly it is that people find so entertaining.

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    I had become quite the shy faggot now that I didn’t have a gang to back me up. I said yessir and yes mam when I saw older white folk and avoided eye contact because I was afraid to look into their souls and realized they thought so little, if anything, of me. I had a small space in the recesses of my mind where I still stood on a pedestal and I…[Read more]

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    The stress made me a prisoner inside four walls and my internet connection. I was losing the ability to look people in the eye and stuttered more than usual. My ability to write poetry was nowhere to be found in the public eye who witnessed my butchered stumbling of the English language. I was a slave to online shopping and people avoidance. The…[Read more]

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    My feelings today were mixed. I loved my family. I once said I wouldn’t care if they perished. That sentiment is no more. I resent ever having those feelings. Still, my parents and I don’t see eye to eye on social issues. Therein lies a rift in my utter love for them.I don’t want to love them conditionally. But they make me so mad!

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    It was the music that my husband’s ancestors filled their lives with on a daily basis. It was the predecessor to jazz. It was in so many ways, a sound path to my finding him, on that Summer afternoon.

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    I had constant waking nightmares of how this trip could go wrong. My window shook too hard and my nerves created every scenario in which it would fly off, beheading me. Leaving my mother in tears, never knowing why her son was on the train to begin with.

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    It was quite mysterious how he disappeared from my life. I couldn’t say goodbye and I didn’t want to. It felt good to resent him. As if he made things right by sparing me yet another heartbreak to the chain he’d crafted for me since we met.

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    I imagine something ravenous to be like the hair on the girl who flirted with me in Film class. The one who knew she looked beautiful and so was confident enough to give me her number. Unbeknownst to her, that I am a homosexual. Still it was a confidence booster and I would have called her if I didn’t lose that damn piece of paper. I always…[Read more]

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    This meant I had to stop panicking. But I was so good at it. Why stop doing something everyone knows you for being good at? Ever since I was very young I couldn’t be trusted in times when self control was key to making things right.

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    I meant to put it down as soon as it happened. But my body could barely shake away the feeling that I was slowly to become just another statistic of poor little gay boys who couldn’t handle drugs. Who didn’t tell their mothers where they were and who would only be notified a week after the fact, once the body hid all hints of ever had enjoyed life.

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    We had been inseparable since we met. All 10 of us. How often can anyone say they found their soul mate? Let alone ten? With time, our lives took us in different directions but, we always made sure to reunite at least once a year.

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    I didn’t make a fool of myself for once. Even though I smashed three drinks in the matter of minutes. My tolerance seems to have risen. I am glad. The worst I did was show her my shoe collection. We talked about all things. And I made sure to keep from making anyone uncomfortable. Success!

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    To enter the stage in a new country was mind shattering. I no longer understood what the yelling behind the rail meant. They could have chanted my name and yet it sounded like white noise. I flashbacked to my adolescence; falling asleep at 3am with my father’s dead eyes on the screen. My opponent looked dazed at my expression, but I couldn’t shake…[Read more]