• The school where I work is full of misunderstood kids. When I think of how frustrating it is to be misunderstood about a word or during an argument, I can only imagine how it feels to exist mainly in a file and have your entire life misunderstood. Your motives. Your difficulties. Misinterpreted as lazy.

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    Wow. The thing I haven’t finished. The thing I so respect in others. The thing I may finish. That will make me live more fully. That will fill me with more possibility.

  • Is everything. It is psychological. It is a filter in our brain. It is very difficult to change when we only have our own experience to look to. It is important to expand our perspective by reading, art, travel, talking to others.

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    Mom always wore an apron in the kitchen. She cooked every day. I miss aprons. I have a few but am going to sew more comprehensive ones. I need big ones. I cook a lot at once and love making food. I haven’t been able to much lately because I broke my leg over the summer. But a nice clean fresh apron is an indication of possibility. A sign of a…[Read more]

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    I once read a piece by Leo Buscaglia in which he wrote that we should be thinking about death every day so as to remind us to make every moment count. What do you want written on your tombstone? The modern world has taken away the romance of death and resting in peace may be an unattainable goal.I think of old cemeteries in groves of trees by…[Read more]