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    She screamed at the top of her lungs for them to listen. Her long bony finger pointing behind them. The doctors all thought the old woman had lost what mind she had left. Muttering and crying about monsters.

    Was she unstable or could they just not see what really lurked in the shadows.

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    The pattern of blood on the wall almost looked like art. Human art. The detective tried to detach his emotions from what he was seeing. He had to be objective and observant. Almost an admirer of this distinct artwork to catch the artist before it happened again.

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    The war vet sat on the park bench. He watched the new recruits march by and chant their cadences. He remembered those days of being young and having little fear.

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    He watched her through the glass. The nervous twitch of her hands. She wanted to drink the glass of water but didn’t want to give them her fingerprints. She shifted in the uncomfortable wooden chair for the umpteenth time. Her hand shook as her fingers combed through her hair now unkempt from doing this over and over in the three hours he let her…[Read more]

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    She walked down the aisle of the airship. Designer clothing, shoes polished to a high shine. Even one of those popular purse puppies tucked under her arm. The grand dame looked around as she passed through the curtains into first class as though we had been privileged to be graced by her presence.

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    This was a fine mess he’d gotten himself into. He could hear the sirens blaring as they came down the street. The sound of their tires squealing as the coppers skidded to a stop right out front of his hiding place.

    They must have spotted the getaway car out front. “Damn it!” he swore half under his breath. He should have held onto that dame…[Read more]

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    “Bartender, refill.” This was a hell of a case. The kind that made an investigator chase his tail before he could get a decent lead. How did he get mixed up in all of this chaos?

    He gave a snort and knocked back the fresh glass of bourbon. He knew exactly what got him into this mess. Toughts of chasing the doe eyed skirt who sauntered into his…[Read more]

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    He stepped back and gazed at the blood spattered on the wall. The victim had been removed but evidence of his violent death was painted dark red across the wall like a high gloss white canvas. The pattern of spray and dots seemed geometric. Maybe the killer fancied himself to be Monet or Van Gogh. Maybe Dali, the bastard was definitely mad.

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    A routine day in the shop, was all I wanted. Just a normal unbothered day of customers, dusting antiques, and inventory. Until the crate arrived, until I opened it. The contents would change everything I knew. No more routine days in the shop.

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    The blood dampened messaged read. “I have the proof. Meet tonight at the Black Pony. Bring the money and come alone.”

    By the knife sticking out of her husband’s corpse in the bar’s parking lot she derived he had been the victim of a payoff gone wrong. A search of his body as she called 911 produced nothing but a wallet, broken watch, and key…[Read more]

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    This part of the jogging path was secluded from the park. Usually she enjoyed her run in the quiet of the night, but something about the thick copse of trees on each side made her feet move just a bit faster. She felt eyes bore into her back as she broke out into a full run. Her breath panted harder as footsteps began to echo hers from behind.…[Read more]

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    He stood on the edge of the cliffs and gazed out at the never ending ocean. It looked like solace, a place he could finally find peace. At the same time it seemed so very far away. The roar of the waves pounding the rock below echoed up to remind him of the last time he stood in this spot. Only then he wasn’t alone, he’d brought her here.

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    His back was up against the wall, literally and figuratively. The rain damp brick soaked through his shirt as he pressed against the rain damp brick to peek around the corner. Two men skidded around the corner beyond headed in his direction unconcealed weapons in their hands. The alley where he stood was a dead end. He let out a slow breath and…[Read more]

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    The room was quiet but for the sound of water dripping in the corner, It was dark and damp, smelled like dirt. She twisted and pulled at the ropes on her wrists. A sound from the corner made her pause. Scratch.. scratch…the rustle of paper or maybe cloth then a large rat ran across her feet. She gasped and wiggled her feet as much as the ropes…[Read more]

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    Instead of staking out the local chop shop he could be out with Gina, or Lola. Oh yeah Lola. He popped the lid off his coffee and tossed it onto the dash with the rest of the nights’ collection. Maybe this one wouldn’t taste like used oil. After seven hours of crap coffee and no action, he watched the sleek sedan pull up to the garage door. The…[Read more]

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    A drop of sweat rolled down his the side of his face. He ignored the sensation as his eye stayed steady in the scope, waiting for the first glimpse of his target. The glass doors of the office building opened, a […]

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    The detective rolled the over body, the texture of the tile and pooling of blood under the skin made markings on her body that looked like tribal paint. The tribe of death, she died too young and he was getting […]

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    The door slammed shut, he could hear the bolt slide into place. “Damn.” There was always a reason those mysterious notes say come alone It was a trap, his gut was right instinct had been right but he came anyway. […]

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    The clatter of a coffee cup being set on the desk brought his attention from the files long enough to grunt a thanks. This was one hell of a mystery, he had no idea where to start the search for this dame’s […]

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    The gun trembled slightly in his hand, this was his first day in uniform on patrol. He was supposed to be sitting in the coffee shop eating donuts not in the middle of a face off with a gang punk and an AK pointed […]