• I have no solution. More often we use the plural of this statement, but why go there when even one solution eludes us. Maybe we should be less about solving and more about listening.

  • fictionfitz commented on the post, bury 7 years ago

    Bury the hatchet means to me to forgive. The idea of bury means to cover it up. Forget about it. This is difficult for most of us. How do we bury something that bothers us?

  • fictionfitz commented on the post, since 7 years ago

    Since I saw him last, much has happened. I didn’t feel the need to catch up or have anybody else catch up. I just went my way because I thought eventually everything will catch up to me. No sense dwelling on it.

  • fictionfitz commented on the post, fresh 7 years ago

    I couldn’t think fast enough. I was fresh. Or so I had thought. But it was an age old thing. I was old. Fresh a bygone word. How can one be fresh and old? They are two words that will not mix.

  • fictionfitz commented on the post, dominant 7 years ago

    I don’t like dominance and yet as a old white male I have been accused of such myself. Not by my actions but my profile. I protest. And sometimes I get through but then I am accused of dominance all over again.