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    I can’t help but count the minutes
    every second passing slowly on my fingers
    I can smell the sun
    it will be a sweltering day
    a sweaty mess
    but I’ll be happier than time
    and the wait will have been worth […]

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    needles and pins, sprinkled on my feet and crowding in bunches are my toes, somehow eager to jump and pinch my skin, little bugs whispering in excitement on my heels. they’re jittery and happy.

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    What if the roles were reversed? When I wasn’t sheltered and tethered by pain all the time and you were? When I wasn’t treated like a child and I could say “too bad” like a pompous wall of emotionlessness and you […]

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    I had a feeling we’d get along. Both in the same moment, trapped and captivated by the breaths you take and the sighs I let out. My hand raises up, limply acknowledging I’m here. You do too, shortly after. Both […]

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    moments frozen in time, time that drags with each seconds and rolls over into minutes into hours and days. until weeks have gone by and moments flash past and even with the biggest hands it’s impossible to snatch […]

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    And the sky had tears in its eyes
    it grew dark
    resilient enough
    to believe that things would change.

    Bluish nightmares
    stalked by shadows and
    battles with creatures
    that fear;
    beckoning for dawn.

  • Sam commented on the post, platinum 7 years, 4 months ago

    She needs everything to be glittery. All of her materialistic nonsense. It’s all got to have a silver lining. Dressed in diamonds and money. Sparkling everywhere, a wonderland of superficiality. It makes me sick, how she pays more attention to her platinum universe than she does me. My fucking sister, that jappy bitch.

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    I deserve more than this. I deserve to be happy, and to be held when it’s cold. When the night falls, I deserve a big fluffy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate to keep me warm. And in the morning, I deserve the sun. The sun to make me smile. My smile to light […]