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    Robots are stereotypically futuristic. They’re made of high tech metallic chrome and shoot lasers and usually destroy things. I can picture one right now moving slowly through a city shooting down buildings and stuff.

  • I tried whiskey once in my life. It was not a very pleasant experience. I took one taste of it and it felt like my face was on fire. Not the best tasting drink in the world, but some people like it so whatever floats your boat I guess..

  • The aisles of books lay ahead of me like a long hallway that never ends. Stealing glances through the many levels of books as I walk silently into the midst of their essence

  • This word makes me think of pain, motivation, and sticking it out til the end. Fighting for something that belongs to you, or that you want more than anything in the world! It is knowing what you want and going the distance to find it whether others like it or not.

  • I am determined to make this work. Right now I have a few things on my plate that are extremely stressful and I am trying my best to make them work out as successfully as possible. I love the feeling of being determined because it helps me to get things accomplished

  • sometimes i feel like i have no strength. the strength to move on from a certain situation i have been dealing with for a while now. i have good days too where i feel like i have the strength to move on and it makes me motivated. other days i just can’t find the will […]

  • statement is kind of judgmental word. it sounds like a command as oppose to a request. something that sounds like whats done is done and there’s no turning back. stating something requires a certain perspective that one must have faith in.

  • sometimes i sit in class and wonder. i wonder if other people are wondering the same thing as me, and whether they wonder if other people wonder about the same thing they’re wondering about and so on. how many people can wonder about one thing?

  • Almost is the feeling of trying to get somewhere but you’re not quite there yet. It is like reaching but not touching. Attempting something without finishing it. Traveling somewhere without reaching your destination. Moving forward but not ending.