• They told me, “Wear an apron. Wear that ugly, one-size fits all, piece of trash that’s been worn by so many broken souls before you. Wear it while you sling out coffee and throw out smelly grounds. Wear it while you become increasingly sick of the smell of all things bakery. Wear it while you […]

  • across the hallways,
    we engage in warfare,
    tongues in motion like daggers
    and thoughts like guns.
    you’ll find me in a bunker
    shielded by my own lies
    and eating all the rations.
    the troops can wait;
    i’m still hungry and scared.

  • She places her CD’s in stacks. The most important ones sit proudly on the top, and the ones she only keeps for nostalgia’s sake lay at the bottom. Just like she had outgrown her Legos and her Barbie dolls, they are just placeholders now. They serve no purpose except for reminding her of a time […]

  • Our mothers warned us about the man in the alley way who offered candy and lost his puppy, but she never told us about a man in New York City with a perpetual smile and a knack at balancing his body weight on a board of wood. She never spoke of the man with hazelnut […]

  • half of the time, we’re not even thinking. words spill out of our mouths just like bp’s latest disaster. we’ll try to clean up, but we’ll never get it all. we try so hard, yet we still fall. giving up seems right, for once. half of us don’t even care anymore, but i still do. […]

  • As heavy raindrops poured down onto the roof, we lay on your leather couch, sipping lemon infused green tea and letting it warm our quivering bodies. You smoked a cigarette, the smoke snaking around my head and reminding me of all the other times we’ve lain in this same spot. All we could hear was […]

  • i can’t celebrate something
    that i don’t believe in,
    but i like the gifts
    and i like the cookies.
    i like the trees,
    and i like the family.
    i just don’t like the cult following
    and the obsession with santa.

  • we started a revolution while listening to the beatles, and i pretended i liked their music, but really i think they’re overrated. your favorite album is revolver, but they just make me want to put one to my head. we were at a youth rally against drugs and drinking, but the leaders got high in […]

  • i have a maternal figure
    who floats around in a spaceship.
    she hovers over my hometown
    and tries to probe my thoughts.
    i try to run away,
    but she flies faster than me.
    i hide in a bomb shelter,
    but she’ll always find me.

  • some angels,
    upon entering,
    have their wings clipped.
    not many know why,
    but some have some crazy theories.
    they say, “those insects shouldn’t be allowed to fly.”
    but personally i think,
    those cynics are just jealous
    because they stay sleeping in sewers
    while the rest rest in clouds.

  • last night, i drank poison again. i didn’t think it’d hurt. it was just one more sip. but with that sip came reality, words pouring out of my mouth. i admitted everything, but i said nothing, at least i thought that. i awoke to a note, from you, scribbled in pen. you said that it’s […]

  • transport me to another place,
    another time.
    another time where my feet weren’t a size eight
    and when my teeth weren’t grown in yet.
    transport me to a time where currency was trading cards
    and where candy could be considered as drugs.
    transport me back to a simpler time
    when i didn’t hate myself.

  • last night, i missed the train. last night, i missed you. i packed up my bags, bought a train ticket, and left home. i didn’t think i’d be missed, and i never thought i’d miss a two-star town with these cows we call our celebrities. i missed the train because i decided i didn’t need […]