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    Shock is a bad word to use. It’s a nothing word. A word that can only mean something to you if you’re in the thick of it. You can’t feel shock by reading it. You can’t feel shock by saying it. You can only feel it when you’re down on your knees, waist deep in it. You can only feel it if it’s taken your heart out of your chest.

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    there’s nothing wild about the word wilderness; an absence of that strong vowel sound has ripped the word of its savagery. wilderness beckons. you hear it and you’re standing at the foot of a forest, and you are not afraid.

  • Mara commented on the post, strike 5 years, 3 months ago

    Strike like snakes bearing their white fangs, gleaming beneath the sun.
    Strike – I was never struck. I was never bitten, never beaten. I was thrown out of cars and pushed against walls, but never struck.
    Strike – picket against the feeling that’s been tearing you apart inside. Refuse to leave until it puts on its shoes and the door hits its…[Read more]

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    I talked about morals with a friend today, and about how Rahab lied to protect others. She was praised, but the Bible still says lying is wrong.
    I talked about psychology and religion with you today. We talked about the phenomenological perspective – how things exist because they exist in the minds of people. Is that defined enough?
    I thought…[Read more]

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    Firearm. Arms made of fire. You could touch me and I’d combust. And that’s not what that means, firearms are weapons of anger. But I think if you shot me, all I’d feel would be love. Love, love, bleeding red, and I’m staring up at your face like you’ve freed me from something.
    Firearm. Arms made of fire. You could hold me and I could fall…[Read more]

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    I imagine the taste of bourbon, how it would sting my virgin lips. I imagine what you tasted like after a shot of whiskey in my name. I have drank alcohol, but nothing is as heady as your slurring words.

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    The microwave beeps, making me jump. I remember how we’d used to hide before it reached the end, because it was a bomb or something in our minds. She pulls the bag of popcorn out with her wiry fingers. I watch as her frame disappears into the living room, her pale skin almost glowing in […]

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    I’ve been drawing all day. The first picture was of a house, but it wasn’t exactly a house. It was all disconnected and out of place. Inside the house is a swingset. Sometimes I see swingsets in my nightmares, and also the pond beside my house. I never have violent dreams. Just ones where I’m […]

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    My musings lately are of beauty and all its morals, the self of it that has settled itself upon me not unlike a plague. In everything, I recognize something I love. I now refuse to think of words such as “plague” and “death” as ugly. Endings can be beautiful too. My perspective is so changeable […]

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    “We’re a cast in a play, my dear. We each play a lead role but to everyone else we’re just extras.” His eyes turned slate-gray, as exposed as I’d ever seen them, as truthful as his words. “That’s a sad philosophy.” But I silently agreed. “I’ve never been a lead role, though, not even in […]

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    Wade, I wade, and there’s a tree by the river. I could reference so many things but right now I just want to dive underwater and make sure every bit of me is submerged, leaving nothing behind or dry. I want to make sure I’ve still got you when I come out of this river, […]

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    Her eyes were dark in the daytime, but looked so small when the moon was out. She had sunshine in her and he was as vacant as the end of a rainbow. He felt lost, now, lost as he’d ever been, and secretly prayed to be found; she would seek him out like a knight […]

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    Intensify, your eyes like music amplified when you’re staring off into space. You adore the stars, you want to be among them, more than you ever wanted to be with me. My side is cold and my arms are bare. I work until the early hours of the morning, on projects to help me find […]

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    He called them goddesses, and I wonder today who he was speaking of. His love was legendary. His passion was unpredictable. I wish I could find someone like that. And now he’s shut up in a book, loud only when I flip through the pages. I read him when I need to calm down, when […]

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    Stardom is a rising. I wish I could be lifted into the sky, chalkboard black and make it beautiful by shining brighter than any other. But stardom is not the night, it’s just darkness. I want to be famous when I’m dead. I want to be loved when I’m alive. I have this belief where […]

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    Crescent moon smiles are the best, where you bare your teeth and even toss your head back with an accompanying laugh. I love when they light up the faces of people I love. I wish I could capture every smile, toss it in the sky, let it be my moonlight. Live by it, swear by […]

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    I was with my best friend when I fell asleep on a train. She was in the seat across from me, and I had my head against the window. The rhythmic sound and rattling soothed me somehow, and eventually my eyes just drifted shut. My whole school was there. I woke up to the principal […]

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    I fold my ticket in half and shove it in my pocket. My jeans are washed out and too loose. I bite my lip and listen for the coming train. I’ve had to be waiting for an hour… could that be classified as loitering? Oh well. I’m the only one here, the place is otherwise […]

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    They said that’s what my name meant. Today it doesn’t matter, and I stare out the window knowing this, my legs stretched out on the dashboard, not caring. I let the sun warm me, and I know a year ago I wouldn’t be doing any of this. The world goes by just beside me. It […]

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    I wonder if I should go back home now, let the road rise up to meet me, make no compromise. This place holds nothing more than home did. There are gas stations just like those in North Carolina, there are grocery stores, there are awful people and there are those rare classic cars. I should […]