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    Under the shade of the old oak tree with my lady at my side. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Under it all is the overwhelming desire to kiss her.

  • measured in time, measured temper, measured impulse. measured

  • my interest in one word was fun, then no connection for awhile. Now it’s back and I am once again interested in writing and reading others again. Cool

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    Signs of the times, yes that,s right. Knowing how to read the signs is what makes the difference between being with it or being out of it. The subliminal world is as real as the world we walk in, yet the […]

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    The forest was deep in lush greenery and moist after the rain. There in the mist of the morning’s light stood a fawn, as beautiful as nature itself. I shot and captured the wonder of it all with my trusty camera. […]

  • there are a hundred ways to do anything, to get stuck on one way is the narrow minded way. Keep an open mind, your way in never the only way, whether you like it or not.

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    Lord help me and protect me from the madness of the world around me. Sometimes it can be too much to deal with. Help

  • before then after as always

  • travel, travel, all over and what do you find besides beautiful landscapes, rivers, oceans and lakes? You will find people., all kinds of people. Especially on the coast.
    We are in the outer banks of North […]

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    to begin with, we as people are very much the same in our thoughts of these words for the day, in that there almost always is a common thread that is expounded on. I find this very interesting and comforting to […]

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    we took a trip to the outer banks of north carolina at the end of the summer and the weather was just fantastic, compared to florida where we started. the cool air was a refreshing break from the oppressive heat […]

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    people in L.A. are getting fried this weekend. fried chicken sounds good, but I stay away from fried food. don’t go into a tanning booth without your goggles and don’t open your eyes or they will get fried. I […]

  • search for the breathe with tense anticipation was not what I needed on this wonderful fall day, but the asthma curse struck yet again.

  • towers of power, who will you vote for. totally seeing the towers

  • binding the strings of life together in one bundle, congruent and special, making fast with bindings to keep it all from coming apart, contractual to avoid the misgivings of unbound loyalty in as it is to itself […]

  • whether or not to be what ever it may be. That is the question.

  • mircacle of life, planet earth, do you believe in miracles. It’s a miracle that I am in the outer banks right now for all that it took to get here. tried to sail here, very large adventure. ended up driving a car, way easier!

  • ah my little darlings, children, pets, soft, warm, cuddley. just love my little darlings.

  • comfort is a easy feeling. comfort of the heart. comfort of the summer warmth. comfort is my favorite place. to be comfortable is superb.

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    ozone, get zoned, be in the zone. everyday is an attempt to get in the zone for maximum performance and ease of being.