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    His thoughts float about the room, dancing with the spiraling particles of dust that had been disturbed from their stationary positions with the slam of his hand against the table. He starts pacing. Back and forth. Back and forth.

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    The morning air was crisp as my breath fanned out in a mist in front of me. I couldn’t tell where I was, or what I was meant to be doing. But I figured that was the exact premise of Life anyways, so I continued moving towards nothing, the frozen grass crunching beneath my shoes.

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    A dozen thoughts grace her face at the same time, muddled together to form the indescribable look she gives me. She extends her hand, but I back away, not really sure what to believe, as I can tell she isn’t quite sure herself.

  • That’s an unfortunate glitch. Man, do I hate disrupted sleep schedules, but I guess that is the perfect excuse for napping. Which is always great. I am also well; just trying to get through reading all the books I have piled up.

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    The drops of rain fell so near, they just about mimicked the tears in her eyes. The only difference was that the slight buds of water held the promise of life while the tears were nothing but the empty regret that accompanies Death.

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    Ok, I will try my hand at this conversing. How are you?

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    It was as if she had found the most meaningful discovery of all time. Everything fit into place, no loop-holes to be found, not one single flaw to be observed. Now, as she pressed her pen to the paper, it started to fade away. Slowly at first, then quicker and quicker until she realized she […]

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    Dear Thylacine, I regret to inform you that I cannot make it to your party. I have been struck down by some type of bird flu. It’s quite comical, really. Along with the continuous coughing and aching throat, a great pair of wings has erupted from my shoulder blades! I haven’t really tried to use […]

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    Sitting with various carbonated beverages, my trusty copy of the Philosopher’s Stone at my side. We together shall battle through these Pottermore clues, defeating them one by one, in hopes of catching that Magical Quill. If we fail, I will sink lower into the mirthless pit that is Post Potter Depression.

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    She had taken her first step. Not physically, or mentally, but metaphorically. She was well on her way to finding who she was, and she knew for a fact that she didn’t need anyone to hold her hand and lead the way. Of course she still had tethers tied to people, and flimsy bridges leading […]

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    As she started to stumble over the piles of worn-out books, he reached for her hand, barely catching it within his own. She looked up, shock grazing her features, before pulling back. “You know, you didn’t have to do that. I always catch myself.” “I know, and to be honest, I hate that. You shouldn’t […]

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    you. killer. fill me, like contempt this blood will boil and tonight will end but not with tragedy; no, with agony that the sun rises and bodies cease motion for we’re only human & despite the yearning for another taste I can only muster the energy to smirk & think and lick my lips one […]

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    I’ll die before you, but I’ll rise again. The pain will consume me, but the love will remain.

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    The corner was dark. Quite dark. Dark enough to gain it’s own form, it’s spirit. One that enveloped and engulfed the dejected feeling that spread from her body. This corner was her sanctuary and the Darkness her friend.

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    He stared at the unassuming spot on her shoulder blade, gently prodding it with his finger. “You know, this mole of yours is shaped like a crescent moon. It’s quite beautiful.”
    She turned around, taking his hand in hers and dropping them in the space between them. “It’s cancerous.”

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    She had been in love with him for years. Years filled with silence, invisibility, and raw emotion. It was as clear as day to everyone near; He loved Her and She loved Him, but their eyes continued to be blinded. Everyday they walked by each other, the breeze their motion created intermingling. She was sorely […]

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    Her eyeliner reminded everyone of a cheetah. It was smudged around her glistening eyes and running in streams after fusing with her tears. The onlookers watched on as she buried her face in her hands, muffling a sob, and sprinted out as fast as the animal she resembled.

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    The light breeze blew in the dampened air, causing the gauzy curtains to flutter, as if to escape the droplets of rain. “It’s raining, y’know. Gasoline this time.” She said it matter-of-factly, no expression within the statement. “Well, that’s fortunate. Those bodies that rained yesterday will be easier to get rid of when they’re all […]

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    “Its a severe punishment to be left alone, don’t you think?” he asked, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. She turned towards him, dissecting his statement mentally, “Not so much a punishment as it is a fear. An eternal unease that appeared long before langauge. Or so I think.”