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    Shock is a bad word to use. It’s a nothing word. A word that can only mean something to you if you’re in the thick of it. You can’t feel shock by reading it. You can’t feel shock by saying it. You can only feel it when you’re down on your knees, waist deep in it. You can only feel it if it’s taken your heart out of your chest.

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  • Another length of time has passed. I stumble across this site again. Still struggling to finish my book and continue compiling sort stories for a different book.

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    there’s nothing wild about the word wilderness; an absence of that strong vowel sound has ripped the word of its savagery. wilderness beckons. you hear it and you’re standing at the foot of a forest, and you are not afraid.

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    Strike like snakes bearing their white fangs, gleaming beneath the sun.
    Strike – I was never struck. I was never bitten, never beaten. I was thrown out of cars and pushed against walls, but never struck.
    Strike – picket against the feeling that’s been tearing you apart inside. Refuse to leave until it puts on its shoes and the door hits its…[Read more]

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    I talked about morals with a friend today, and about how Rahab lied to protect others. She was praised, but the Bible still says lying is wrong.
    I talked about psychology and religion with you today. We talked about the phenomenological perspective – how things exist because they exist in the minds of people. Is that defined enough?
    I thought…[Read more]

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    He couldn’t help but notice her smell went stale, her eyes no longer glistened with life. Limp, stolen. Her laugh was almost a whispered sorrow. He held her tight, close, always. She thought of other places. Dreams, wishes.. Life.

    Her voice was within a voice, within a voice, struggle… struggling to escape the crevices within. Speak, speak;…[Read more]

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    I just scrolled through all of my old stuff from almost three years ago. This site is almost like a journal. Strange to remember the past as I wrote it and not how I feel now.

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    Lips touch shoulder as I look back to watch you a little longer. Closer. Harder. I look back to memorize your movements, your smell, smile. My eyes, they shine for you.. My shadow doubles in size… I whisper to you.. “How did you become so brilliantly perfect?” Biting lower lip.. My head says back to me, “You’re surely lucky to have come across a…[Read more]

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    Her brow furrowed.. Hands upon my desk. She yells in my face.. closer, closer; closer to mine. I cannot help but noticed the beaded sweat collecting on her top lip as she instills what I’m lacking. Trying to comprehend my mistakes. I grin as to show no mercy. Her infuriated ways doubled. Her flesh boiled, eyes glaze over. I stand up. I stand. I leave.

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    She’s running. The chaotic laughter follows. Spiraling. Out of breath, lips curve up. Face to the sky… arms spread as though she can fly… spins… faster, faster. Her group of friends do the same.

    She screams. Not an angry yell but, simply, because she can. She has never felt this way before. Ease, bliss, freedom, life, happiness. She yells…[Read more]

  • Wow, It’s been so long since I was on this site. I am back, hoping to cure this block I have.

  • Your breath danced around my naked flesh. I couldn’t apprehend how your lips felt as though they pierced my tender skin each time we connected.

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    Firearm. Arms made of fire. You could touch me and I’d combust. And that’s not what that means, firearms are weapons of anger. But I think if you shot me, all I’d feel would be love. Love, love, bleeding red, and I’m staring up at your face like you’ve freed me from something.
    Firearm. Arms made of fire. You could hold me and I could fall…[Read more]

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    I imagine the taste of bourbon, how it would sting my virgin lips. I imagine what you tasted like after a shot of whiskey in my name. I have drank alcohol, but nothing is as heady as your slurring words.

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    Feet kicked up on the dashboard, he stared at her while she aimlessly sang Rascall Flatts, loud and completely out of tune. He smiled and thought to himself what a day this was, what a girl she was, what a life this was.

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