• Crystal Cadence commented on the post, chalkboard 1 year ago

    He is nails on a chalkboard. He is like a car crash. I can’t look away, no matter how badly I want to. Even though my body is the one that ends up mangled in the wreckage. I can’t breathe.

  • Crystal Cadence commented on the post, toughest 1 year ago

    I want to be the toughest person I know. I want to handle hardship with dexterity and grace. But I also want to be the kindest person I know. The most compassionate and caring. Love is strength.

  • Crystal Cadence commented on the post, plot 1 year ago

    It would be nice if life had a clear plot. I could know where I’m going from here without having to be terrified that I might be going in the wrong direction…

  • Crystal Cadence commented on the post, logical 1 year ago

    Everyone these days is too logical. Constantly trying to compete with the world while they let the real them die inside. They gain the world but lose their soul. I think that’s what God meant. Stop killing yourself.

  • I’d love to turn the tables on my whole past. Change everything. Control every minute that I failed to control before. Make myself meaningful rather than foolish. Then maybe my now might be more worth living. Maybe my now would terrify me less.

  • I am burning. For something to change. For something way out of the way. Getting tired of everything being the same. The burn of change itself would be so much more bearable than this.