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    Unplanned relationships, unplanned babies. It seems there’s a trend–in unplannedness. But what about the rigid scheduling, the Chilies dinners every Friday? Well there’s a happy medium between the two, a

  • And from then on, my love has dissolved, shriveled into something unrecognizable. After that one comment, we sealed our fates; we’re destined to fail.

  • Though the person may checkmate his opponent, there always remains a chance for his fallen adversary to rise; this is where the real game begins, to reach the top and stay there.

  • MEtro sexual or the metro train? You have to be clear for one connotes an argument while the other talks about transporting goods of various ethnic group such as anicient mayans whom the past has damned to forever

  • I’m destined to be something, that’s for sure. The question is: what exactly? What exactly do I evolve into? Where will my efflorescence take me, make me? Only father time will tell.