• Fitting.
    Even after the holiday.
    Even after the wine, and the meat,
    And the crispy-flaked, All American
    Apple pie;
    The uniform.

    Like a well-worn leather glove,
    Perfectly, impossibly pressed.

  • And there upon the lands they formed
    Four walls, and gates that proudly stood,
    Claiming: “This land is ours, secured
    Under the sacrament of He who lives
    On high. But by and by
    They blindly found themselves
    In want of food, for all they grew was coin,
    And to the ones who lived without made plea
    That they might share with them their own…[Read more]

  • Along the sand
    The imprint of your footprints
    Still remains,
    Buried like the treasures of the dune,
    Visible only to those
    Who take the time
    To expand their sight
    From the day to day,
    And notice:
    One so beautiful as you,
    One so lightly treading the sand,
    Impacting the earth gently,
    Tracing steps that have been
    Walked before,
    Parallel…[Read more]

  • Earnestly, I used to be
    Surrounded completely,
    Encompassed in a way I only
    Ever though possible within
    The boundaries of storybooks.
    You looked and watched,
    But never judged, ever
    Being a second sight for me,
    A pair of eyes when mine
    Would frolic about the world
    In their frivolous fashion,
    An extra hop in my step
    When my legs…[Read more]

  • Surrounding, a cluster of trees,
    Fat from the feast that lay beneath their roots,
    Perpetuating the cycle of life:
    Sustained, they grow,
    Sustained, they sustain,
    Conscious or unconscious,
    Who can tell?
    In their limited view, they possess the wisdom
    To ever continue to reach for the heavens,
    Which in turn allows those that lie
    Beneath…[Read more]

  • Indifference, perhaps,
    Or anger at an event;
    Sadness makes its appearance another way,
    Biting the lip, tracing
    A line from one end of the cheek to the other,
    Extending the blinds to allow the rain in,
    In hopes to wash away itself,
    Leaving only the bitter sting of memory
    Branded by loss,
    An sharp yet subtle, icy throb
    Against the…[Read more]

  • Eyeing the world with a careful look of estimation,
    She welcomes the unusual, the strange, the uncommon,
    Recognizing not out of familiarity,
    But out knowing
    That we are all familiar
    With the unfamiliar,
    A truth unlimited to access
    If only we stop evaluating selfishly,
    And examine the world acutely
    From a different angle.

  • anger looms within
    the son of a bitter selfishness
    of opinion of the world
    of personas that flit and scurry
    about with an air of importance
    of knowing of the self
    saturating the linings
    of the chords of the heart
    it festers escapes through
    the flush the sweat the voice
    the silence the thoughts
    recollecting understanding
    of the…[Read more]

  • Play me your jingle-jangling sound,
    Kick up your feet in an upbeat jig,
    That I may throw my cares away,
    And twirl all around
    The stage, while life courses throughout the day;
    Serve me a cup of love, a swig
    Of laughter chased by a shot of tears,
    That I may live the memories
    Of our past present, pleasant years;
    Tell me not that our dates…[Read more]

  • In the winters of California,
    Summer clings to the air,
    Gesturing welcome to the illusion
    Of the tropics.
    Blindly, the citizens and natives,
    Forgetting the past,
    Cold and wet,
    Welcome the lack of rain,
    Fancying themselves fortunate
    To avoid the troubles of snow
    Before traveling to the peaks
    Armed with heavy coats
    And expertly crafted…[Read more]

  • Around the feet, a littering
    Of polyhedral pyramids,
    The remnants of a game eroded
    By time and fortune;
    They were not formed by their
    Possessors, but claimed
    In ancient times,
    Themselves ruins,
    Desert, barren, empty,
    Haunted by nothing more than
    The memories of the spirits
    That once roamed their catacombs
    In their attempt to reclaim…[Read more]

  • To err is human,
    To forgive divine,
    To take a sign of nature’s call,
    But charity
    Will see the key
    To creating peace for all.

  • After the hectic day, he fled the scene, drinking whiskey colored the same as the band worn around his finger, itself not a perfect fit, but one he’d compromised himself with.

    Was it worth it in the end?

  • I’m quite impressed by modesty, in this world of personal exultation. Not the passive-aggressive “I’m-doing-this-because-I-know-it-will-garner-me-attention-in-that-special-way” fashion, but in the true expression of it, which outlines only the greatest level of desire to encompass compassion for and understanding of what lies beyond the self, a…[Read more]

  • Crossing the path through the underbrush, he came upon a clearing unlike none he had ever seen, and only, indeed, heard about in the folk tales murmured and muddled by the village over time.

  • Hurricane force hurls
    Bodies resisting in vain

  • For sale:
    One ring. Embossed silver, embedded with diamonds around the rim, a sapphire (his favorite) set in its center.

    Never worn.

  • Even though an adult
    Still treated as if a child
    So why change doctors?

  • On starry nights, such as those Keats would see,
    I often find my gaze drift to the sky
    And wonder at the sights within contained.
    I lack the love he longed for in his dreams,
    Begged evermore to have against his side,
    And yet I know the love of which he sings,
    The tunes which spurn through all his vast attempts
    At greatness, on through songs…[Read more]

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