• I had been gathering footage all day, I was beginning to become restless and hopeless. It was as if there was nothing new in the world. I felt like everything had been done and there was nothing left for me to discover. I had nothing that i could claim to have created because it had all already been done.

  • In the upper world of our thoughts and dreams lies a being so omnipotent, so all powerful that we all bow down to the sound of his name. Any being on this earth that powerful would be shot down instantly, never to […]

  • The attendant went through the rules, and we were off. We were the way to the most incredible experience of our lives, the most outstanding place we would ever be. We close our eye, we count down, and there we go. […]

  • I floated. Higher and higher I soared, above anyone else’s influence. Drifting along my path of serenity. I was flying, above the blue, above the clouds, above the stars I had once longed to be with. I flew […]

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    My heart rate was fast, my breathing too, I could see it myself. Every beat I saw, my eyes pumping just as heard as my heart. Colors shifting back and forth from normalcy of the sky to the color of the blood […]

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    The patterns in the walls distracted me, even now that I was in the room. The ones in the waiting room were much more exciting, with their electric colors, meant to entertain a child. These, in the office of the […]

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    The things she experienced that day, the one day of her life she would see greatness, they were incredible. The gourmet food, the extravagance of it all. She could only wonder though, why they would waste so much […]

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    She sat there, swaying ever so slightly. The entire swing-set shook with the swift autumn breeze. Her mind still wondered, on a path it had traveled only once before. It was getting dark and cold, but she wasn’t […]

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    Not the type you want. Just relax they told me, they were lying. It was worth my stress, worth my worry. But i could say that it was not worth my time. Time wasted not chasing my dreams.

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    Sweat dripped from her brow, the salt in her mouth like the sea she once loved. Now it was lost to her, like what she was running from. Her mind trembled, her body fatigued, but still she forced herself to run forward.

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    The girl carried her lantern, cold and solemn she wondered up the path from the light house, who’s light no longer brightened her way. As a crimson tear rivered its way down her neck, she was suddenly aware of the […]