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    It was here, but now it’s gone. The light inside that led you through the dark. Maybe now you have no hope because you don’t need it anymore. Maybe everything is perfect, even though perfect is fake. It’s […]

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    Somebody could help you up when you fall, or help you with your homework. You could also be the help. (p.s. the movie is complete crap compared to the book)

  • On a quest I can’t complete. There is no hope but to doubt.

  • I could hear them calling… Calling my name… Calling me to the place where dreams are shattered; where death swallows you hole. Don’t take one step I warn you inside of that graveyard because once you do you’ll […]

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    The pile of clothes sat untouched on the floor. His mother couldn’t stand to be near them. His father hadn’t even touched the door. His sister cried ’cause they were they smelled like him. And he, he was laying on […]

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    I stand at the base of the tower. It collapsed when the world shook. Broken glass lays about, but I really don’t care. Blood has seeped through the backs in the ground, and there are cuts on my feet, but I’m […]

  • How many times can you hit the backspace within your lifetime? A thousand times? A million? More? I just hit it at least 20 times.

  • An insect, a parasite, in my mind they aren’t that different. They both bite you, but one clings. They both can be small, but insects can be larger?

  • I should want to disregard your past like you, but no, I wish for you to tell me more. You promised me today, that someday you’ll tell me everything. Please let that day come soon.

  • I disregard many things now at days. I disregard my daily email updates from this website, and I disregard things my friends say. Maybe it’s for the better, but oh I don’t now. When somebody tells you, “I think […]

  • She slouched over her laptop writing furiously. Line after line was produced within seconds. Soon she had finished her book and it was to be sent off to several different publishing offices, and then all she would have to do is wait for a reply.

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    The abstract shapes jumbled together in my mind. My senses honed in on the figure standing behind me. He is a block I thought. A crude, poorly angled block made of squares and out of wood. Yes, solid wood.

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    She sat looking out at the downpour wondering when her brother might come home. Her mother fretted down the the hallway while her father sat downing a beer. He had to come home soon she thought over and over again.

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    I sighed slamming my head against his locker. If I couldn’t get this combination correct I just might die. I just had to get the pictures back!

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    She cried and profoundly thought deeper about what had happened minutes ago. Betrayal.

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    “Passionate,” she mumbled to herself, “The characters must be passionate.”

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    Someday I wish to have a husband, but now, who knows. I’m locked in this cell for the crime I’ve committed. I’ve locked myself away inside my mind. Memories caged, and actions limited because of myself. I can’t find the key as I’ve lost it, lost them long ago. It’s not my fault. It’s his.

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    The riots have been going on for quite some time now, and I still choose to not participate. Though, because of my decision I must hide from the streets staying cooped inside my apartment; and if I dare go out I must avoid the dark corners and the back streets.

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    Silently, still she sits thinking. She’s wondering if she’ll ever survive. Her faze follows to the window where the still river lays and above the shining moon.

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    Artistry… What does that mean?
    The artisry…
    Um, I think I’m going to go to good old dictionary.com… Ciao! (Even though I don’t take italian)