• A smile spread slowly across her lips as she took in a deep breath. Her body shook from the inside out, but she knew she had to go in. Pulling her bag next closer to her hip, she walked in with the fake smile. She was cursed to keep others happy, but her own happiness did not matter.

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    He reached for her hand, tangling his fingers. It would be the last time he could hold her hand, or touch her soft skin. Her father, the king, was after him for treachery, and soon he would have to flee the country to keep not only himself safe, but her as well.

  • They entered, even knowing the risks and were hit with a stench worse than fresh dead. Leon whispered the words of light and two orbs formed around around the group of six revealing the decomposing men at their feet. The monster had left them in its wake to taunt them on their journey.

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    The twins held a drink in one hand and held the other with their spare arm as they laughed and cried. The swigged their beers, then sang out faulty tunes, like two fools sitting by a bon-fire.

  • I walked in through the front door to see him sitting there among the montage of pictures, muttering to himself as he shuffled along. He was so frantic, the tears rolling down his thin pale cheeks. I had not seen him like this in a long time, but after her death this was what I came home to every day. It was like I no longer existed in his life…[Read more]

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    He was so close that I thought I would be able to touch him. So near that his warmth should have rubbed up against my skin like a blanket caressing me in the middle of the night. He was there, close enough to talk to me, but so far away. I reached out and my […]

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    He stared at the blank canvas for hours. There was nothing coming to him, and he had to finish the painting within the allotted time. With a frown, the auburn haired man started to put strokes of color onto the canvas. Greens, blues, and even reds started to make out a beautiful sunset over the […]

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    His straw hat sat nicely atop his dark hair. He laid back on the green grasses watching the butterflies fly about the flowers within the field. He wondered how his life had become so simple, so calm and tame compared to what he once was. He shook his head softly to ignore the past thoughts […]

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    “I don’t know what you mean?” the young woman stared up at the man with pleading blue eyes. “Why… why do you have to go? What is going on? Alex… please..” she threw her hands out before her and reached out to grab the tall dark hair, but he stepped away.

    “No.. Annabelle… I can’t.”

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    Everything, from the ceiling to the floor was painted in the cold maroon of death. If we had made it there soon everything would have been a fresh dark crimson red, but after hours of cooling in the mid of winter, the study was nothing more than a bloody gore for the police and I. […]

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    “Cast out the anchor!” shouted the captain of the Bloody Rose. His emerald eyes stared out at the green-blue waves. His next destination would make him one of the most feared pirates on the eighteen seas of Castoria. He took in a deep breath and shook his head.

  • The stone crumbled under their feet. Cilia’s eyes widened, the green highly exposed as she stared up at her partner as she fell to her death. His arm caught her, trying to help her up, but he she was too heavy for him. He struggled to pull her to the ledge, hoping that he could […]

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    He was so very tall. His dark hair falling down his back in rolls of silk and his eyes so blue that by the time I glanced away I didn’t realize that I had to crane my neck to see him. My father was one of the best, and all I wanted was to look […]

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    She spun around, the gold braided down her back as she stared out into the open emerald fields. Angelique thought that today would be the day, the day she would escape from this old tower and her wicked step-father, but she was wrong. It would be just as any other day, where she did her […]