• Ivy Rose commented on the post, destined 6 years, 2 months ago

    what am I destined for? lately it just seems like I am destined for sadness. disappointment. love that always gets taken away. it seems over dramatic, but I can’t remember one time something good has been destined to happen to me. who knows what the future holds. I dont believe in god, but if i did i would say he sure is trying to tell me he…[Read more]

  • Ivy Rose commented on the post, insect 7 years ago

    insects creep me out. they are actually pretty beautiful animals, but they freak me out because of their giant eyes and pinchers…. not much else to say about that, just that if i had the choice whether or not to […]

  • Ivy Rose commented on the post, luggage 7 years ago

    sometimes it can be big, sometimes small…sometimes short sometimes tall….but never neon yellow or pink. that I have never seen before. Maybe I wil purcase some just to prove a point…that point being […]

  • Ivy Rose commented on the post, tasting 7 years ago

    taste is something that biologically makes us happy…well when the taste is something we enjoy. things that arent food have tastes too, like pens and glue. but we dont usually like to taste those. actually, we do […]