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    She was in her prime. Black shining hair, long, statuesque legs, a brain as sharp and wrinkled as the famed afro’d german himself. She was truly a catch. She thought of this, walking up the marble steps of the investment firm, repeating her pre-interview mantra in her mind over and over and over and over and over and over again. “You don’t need…[Read more]

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    Nobody seems to be hearing me. Ever. I scream and scream, but my words never matter. Why, you ask? Simple. Age. Experience. Moxie. Feminism. Pick your poison, it doesn’t wont matter. All that matters is that no amount of my yelling and flustering and waving of arms will ever amount to anything. Time to get out.

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    She heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. They were hard and harsh and full of mud in the soles–she remembered them well. Why they were here, she found it hard to muster. It had been forty-seven years since their departure. Since those boots ran out and scrubbed their mud off on someone else’s doorstep.

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    She had built bricks around it. It was understandable, after what it had been through. Pain inflicted, inerasable memories created unwillingly–it was only natural to protect what had once been pure from further harm. But within it grew something bright and hopeful. A small speck of life, protected for the time being. Until it would arise one day,…[Read more]

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    He handed me a glass of sparkling cider. “Haha, this isn’t spiked is it?” I said. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? He laughed as he sat down. It was less of a deep laugh and more of a breathy one. Shallow. He’s so not interested. What was I thinking? I’m so insane! Yet, he’s so […]

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    He just looked so tasteless. Not to say that he didn’t have any taste–his wardrobe suggested otherwise–but there was something about him that was boring and bland. And while some people might call him “vanilla,” that’d be giving this soulless creature more credit than was due.

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    It sounded so savage, so raw. The notes were unrefined, like brown sugar, sweet with a strong taste and rough texture. I wanted to consume them, but my lips and tongue tried to recreate the delectable product without the correct ingredients. My lungs were not stiffened and scratched by years of smoke and tar. My […]

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    “So, I had a dozen siblings, right?” “Not a dozen. Two.” “Yeah, two siblings. Right. And they had one of those infant diseases, you know, like–oh what’s it called…” “Typhoid Fever?” “No.” “Whooping Cough?” “No, it was some animal thing…started with a ‘G’, I think…” “Chicken Pox?” “Yeah, that’s it! So they had the Chicken […]

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    Don’t wipe that shit on your pants! Use an apron! For crying out loud, are you some sort of barbarian, some ape-child whose parents have yet to discover fire? You need to keep yourself clean if you want to cook for people. Nobody wants to eat your uneducation. Nobody wants to taste your mediocrity.

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    Prickly and painful, she reveals her stickers despite his coaxing otherwise. She can’t really help it. It’s who she is. Hiding it is against her religion, her personal mantras of “be yourself. be yourself.” getting the best of her. Every damn time. But this one seems to handle it well, never retracting at her sometimes […]

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    She pounded and pounded against the inside, painted black for effect, she imagined. With each fist that landed on the concave roof, another gash appeared on her knuckles. But despite any feeling or blood dripping, she had to beat her way out. She had only herself to rely on. It was the only way. Nobody […]

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    Across rivers and ponds and waters so free, that’s what it all meant. Nothing too complicated. It was a bridge. It was a simple symbol, sure, perhaps even hackneyed, but it was innovative in a sense. If you’ve never experienced water, what reason would you have for experiencing a bridge?

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    Prickly, he was. Incredibly hard to take. Bumping into him in the hallways was nearly fatal, his stabbing glances always causing her distress. And he seemed to thrive in the worse, most inhospitable situations. Yet something about him pulled her in because despite his callous, destructive exterior, his magnificent ideas always managed to bear fruit.

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    Dusty and long, high and hot. There’s nothing in the way, yet that in and of itself is the obstacle. So bright that vision is dark. Inescapable, yet completely free. In a world of contradictions, its fickle nature is the one thing that remains constant.