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    Inside she still felt fifteen when she was near him, though now they had their inside jokes and years of life together. His presence made her feel young and awkward and excited every day.

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    She stared in the mirror, searching through time. Under her porcelain skin, would her high cheekbones, the curve of her chin, her nose, be enough to tell the world the story she knew so well? The story of great grandmothers carrying babies along the trail of tears or of her own grandmother, sent away from Oklahoma on a bus to escape her father,…[Read more]

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    It wasn’t the things he did that hurt, it was the things he didn’t do. The silences, the emptiness that felt like ballast dragging her to the bottom. She found herself jealous of women whose men punched holes in walls, at least they had proof that something was amiss.

  • She had the lost look of a woman who’d long ago stopped making decisions for herself, like someone who’d let guys with beer guts drive her around on the back of their bikes. To him she was just a worn out shell, just waiting to get blown away. So when she offered him a sandwich with sundried tomato aoli, he felt a little ashamed.

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    As the night wrapped around her like a shawl, she wondered if she even still existed. Sometimes without the sun to light her up she was sure she would fade away until nothing remained but a dot that used to be sad.

  • They weren’t bad girls, not like the girls who smoked and let the boys walk them to their cars. They had standards and a code. They weren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, a loser a loser, or a God by his first name.

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    The sea is dark tonight and full of magic. It will call your name, crashing syllables upon the sand. You must not listen. Beware, the sea is a cold, cruel mistress.

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    Her face didn’t move for several seconds, seconds which seemed like eons in which every lie and omission was weighed and he was found wanting. Her pained cry was stifled by one word, “why?”

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    Can we ever know what is happening behind our lover’s eyes or know for certain where we stand? In love, can there be room for truth?

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    As we walked along the beach, watching sand and snow and ice co-mingle, I noticed the dead mallard, barely a bird anymore. it was then that I grasped the true beauty of the day

  • “But it all works! We laugh. We love. We falter, yes, but you fit so well, here with your head on my chest.’
    “But the doctor says…”
    “The doctor doesn’t get paid when you’re happy”

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    On this day of all days. remember, reminding, remaining, rebounding. Towers go up, towers go down, empires built and destroyed.

  • In the battle of mudslinging, we all ended up filthy. The assaults on each other leading only to more discord and every one of us feeling dirty.

  • The movement of the train reminds her of swimming in choppy water, bouncing slightly, moving in all directions at once. Getting on was letting go and she’s given everything over to the motion of the railroad.

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    She hated the way they broke in her hand, just when she started to get everything looking just right. the joy of the pastel, however, was in the smudging, turning lines into shadows and shadows into dreams.

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    she woke up with the texture of his sweater imprinted on her face and wondered whether this was love. It felt somehow wrong, since he wasn’t wearing it at the time, but he always left parts of himself behind, it […]

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    He described his food with such a love of it and the language that she wished she could have been inside his mouth at the moment when spicy and savory, tender and crisp came together to make him smile.

  • There is nothing in my head but dreams of you by the ocean, your smile reflecting the sun’s setting rays. I wondered which of you was more dazzling, your smile sparkling in the coming twilight, as I worried about the time when your love, like the sun, would disappear behind the horizon.

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    The river holds secrets that only the fish and the swimmers know. I have tasted its waters and hid beneath its depths, surfacing only to watch the cars on the bridge and wonder where they are headed that could possibly beat this.

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    She was wrong to think of it as barren, for even in the dust and dryness she found that life chose to thrive. She would call her son Saguaro, after the cactus, to pay homage to his will to survive.