• Lucian Petrova commented on the post, hardly 5 years ago

    There is hardly anything I could possibly write about. It’s all too complicated to even put into words. I’m hollow and everything hurts. What could possibly be enough.

  • There are many ways to tell an asshole from a business man. A distinguished Jerk with small amount of self respect is a business man.

  • Lucian Petrova commented on the post, bars 8 years, 1 month ago

    Bars constrict you, hold you, and keep you for as long as they can. now lets talk about pandas they are nice… we should all be pandas.

  • Chores keep the mind busy for a minute or so. they distract from the word. They make friends occupied when you really wanna talk and can take over your life i you dont pay attention.

  • Listen Hoe, i dont wanna redo this word. there are hundreds of words in the world and pretzel, even if it is tastefully pleasing, is not a word i would like to repeat under this circumstance. There are words that would please everyone. Try the word love for instance, it not only has multiple meanings […]