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    The darkness of the lake pooled and rippled around Emily’s feet, the gentle light of the stars giving to shallow lake a white sheen. She giggle at the coldness that tackled her toes, and wiggled them. As she stepped in further, the water began to cling to her shorts. She giggled even more at the sensation, and after a few steps deeper into the…[Read more]

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    As the Dawn spread across the sky, like a paint flowing across canvas, Cassie and Manuela laid down on the plaid picnic blanket. Grass tingled at their feet as hands clutched the other’s, soft giggle escaping from their lips. They locked eyes, and Cassie pushed her hair behind her ear nervously, the giggle becoming much softer. Manuela’s eyes…[Read more]

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    “Are we seriously going hiking?” Denise asked, looking around at the trees that were scattered across the trail like a messy kindergartener’s painting.

    “What does it look like? I don’t think we are decorating cakes right now,” replied Shirley, looking around the landscape and seeing no difference in the scenery on her left and right side. She…[Read more]

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    The actor onstage sang the song, belting out how mean of a dentist he was with rigor, clutching one of his dentistry tools like a lifeline. It was his first show every since Carrie left, and his hand felt abnormally light with the absence of the wedding ring. He sang the words on autopilot, trying to ignore the fact that the black space in front…[Read more]

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    She threw the snowball with energetic rigor, refreshed by the soft scarf rubbing against her chin and the burning cold in her hand. She ducked behind the mound of snow, searching for her prey. She found it in the wiry form of Tommy, who was using his long, thin legs to run at inhuman speeds. She cursed under her breath at the challenge of such a…[Read more]

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    The sleeves of the sweater were scratchy, rubbing uncomfortably at her bare skin. It had yellow stripes set onto the black, and the supposed that the effect was supposed to be a reverse bumblebee. The girl briefly wondered if the reverse bumblebee was an attempt on her grandma’s part to be artsy, or even, god forbid, avant garde. She shuddered,…[Read more]