• He sped down the highway, his top down, blaring the radio. A beautiful blonde stood just atop the hill, thumb extended. He slowed down casually and inspected her. The sun was shining off of her brilliant hair, sweat gleaming off of her. She was short, petite. Defenseless.
    “Awfully hot day to just be wondering the road. Want something to drink?”…[Read more]

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    Everything comes to a complete stop
    As she stares into the middle distance
    There is nothing in the silence
    and she can’t see tomorrow
    She wishes that everything could be easy
    but it’s not
    The sun sets below the horizon.
    She doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.

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    He sat there quietly in the darkness, listening to the feint hum of the air conditioner unit outside of his apartment. He stared back and forth between the t.v. and wall blankly. His head had been rushing with thoughts all day and he was finally home to relax or act on them. He felt around numbly for his revolver. He loaded one shot into the…[Read more]

  • I watched myself laying on the couch smoking a blunt. Then he noticed me.
    “Hey, you look familiar.” He said laying lethargicly.
    “I’m you dumbass. Get up and do something instead of smoking all the time.”
    “Am I having an out of body experience?” He asked confused.
    “Kinda, but not really. You’re just really stoned and projecting me to be…[Read more]

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    Now that is horrifying. To think and feel. God I love your mind.

  • 10 seconds. I ran, hearing the scrapping and hissing from behind me. Plasma shots and burns were following me closely. 7 seconds. I get to the top of the stairs and burst threw the rooftop door. I quickly jam the door with a pipe and run toward the end of the building and jump. 5 seconds. Shev is waiting right on queue below. We make our escape…[Read more]

  • I have a perfect girlfriend.
    I have a perfect girlfriend.

    She has perfect lips.
            He flashes back to last night, feeling her warm body against his, her lips against his.

    She’s that perfect balance of sexy, yet cute.
            She looks up at him her eyes looking into his, her red hair flushing brightly in the moonlight, biting he…[Read more]

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    He watched admiringly as she braided her hair, the moon shining on her pale skin. He’d told her before he left that he wouldn’t forget how beautiful she was, but in this moment, his memories had failed him. She was more beautiful then he could have ever imagined.

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    “I’m gonna need you to bite the curb, John.”
    “Please, I’m begging you Jess, I didn’t mean to let him go. I’ve got a wife, a kid.”
    He looked at Jessie desperately and then turned to me, weeping.
    ” You see, I just got these new shoes,”
    Jessie kicked him hard in the side knocking his face to the curb.
    “But they’re a little plain to me, I think…[Read more]

  • He nuzzles into her neck, kissing it softly, tickling her.
    She giggles as she tries to get away.
    “This doesn’t have to end tonight..” He whispers in her ear.
    “You promised. You promised you wouldn’t do this.”
    “I’m sorry..”
    “I’m going to miss you so much.”
    “Not nearly as much as I will miss you.”

  • My heart aches. My body, immobile. I eat. I work. I lay on my bed staring at my ceiling. I feel like there is nothing left inside me. Like my soul has been ripped from me. There is no motivation. Doing anything. Watching T.V. Playing video games. I am just a husk. I’ve ruined us. I ripped my own soul out.

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    I want to feel music inside me til my ears bleed.
    I want to feel passion til my heart bursts.
    I want to run til I collapse from exhaustion.
    I want to enjoy life past my lifetime.
    I want not to be human.

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    Sleep. Dream. Awaken. Think. Overthink. Smoke. Relax. Epiphany. Munch. Smoke. Sleep. Dream. Awaken..

  • When I was younger I wanted to be a husband. A father. Then I realized I was selfish. And to be a husband one needed to be selfLESS. You live for your wife. Your plans are for your family. All I can think of now. Is. Myself.

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    It had been years since I had visited my aunt. She looked so different then she used to. Her eyes were much darker and more sunken in. Her hair was really thin and crazy looking.
    “Gage! There is so much darkness around you! You have a demon with you!” She said loudly, jumping to her feet as I walked into her room.
    “I know, Bene, that’s why I…[Read more]

  • Day 1: Re-write a classic fairy tale

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

    Bristle was a peaceful town. We never had any bandits, never had any animal attacks. Life was actually pretty boring in Bristle. Until recently. Seems like a wolf or wolves have been killing some of old Duncan’s she…[Read more]

  • Doing a thirty day writing challenge. Long posts in your future.

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    He was standing on the edge of the roof. Peaking across the edge, he took in a deep breathe as the distance down struck him. He smiled, water from the rain running off his nose.
    ” All it takes is a little faith.”
    Then he leapt.

  • He inhaled deeply feeling the smoke fill his lungs, causing a pleasuring burn.
    Exhale. French Inhale. Feeling higher and higher with each breathe.
    Til I’m lost in the smoke and haze.
    I love these winter days.