• Some say that trying is futile
    That Hardwork has no value
    But there is still a small group of us who believe in the word Hustle
    That Striving, aiming, venturing is what makes things attainable
    Sometimes Reaching your goal is painful
    And Working is too hard
    But it is these things that make the impossible possible

  • The buzzing of the machine turns to a roar as he turns on the switch.

    “I can’t believe it! We’re finally going to complete what our father never finished. Join me brother, for today we will become men of history!”

    I laugh and walk towards him, reaching out my hand. He smiles one last time and turns to his machine flicking the last switch…[Read more]

  • I walk to the steps as the crowd shouts and spits my name. My hands are raw, burned from where my ropes have tied my hands. The gallows hover like an ugly storm cloud, threatening to pour any minute. The guard shoves me up the stairs towards the noose and he begins to heave me onto to box, but not before I get one ounce of freedom in my hands. I…[Read more]

  • The Fence surrounds the compound, giving what is suppose to be a welcome sight a frighting aura. I run to the left edge and find him, sitting on the ground and playing with blades of grass.
    “I brought the bread!” I shout. “It was hard to avoid the Stinsa, but I did it.”

  • I sit in the background of the wings, tasting, but never really touching my dreams. Her skirt flows around her as she twirls and her tight blonde bun lets loose a few ringlets making her usually pinched face seem more delicate. She looks lovely and she looks happy, but more importantly she looks something I know she’d never been.


  • The long hallway stops abruptly and the only choice I have is to run to the door on my left. I burst through the large door into a room that contain riches beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The walls a ocean blue and the floor covered in tile porcelain that looks as if no one has ever set foot on it. Straight in front of me is a balcony that has a…[Read more]

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    The bright light of her wings shone through the vast darkness that had become the world. Her Halo and, the Halos of the company that had gathered around her, blinded me with a light that made me squint my eyes.
    ¨This is who I really am.” She said shyly.
    She was the most magnificent thing I had ever seen.

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    The boom of cannons sounded and screams of the people on the port bow reached my ears. The opposite ship continued to fire the large intimidating cannonballs until the Captain’s voice rose above all others.

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    Millions of tiny particles of light explode in the air creating a sound that is sure to leave a ring in my ears. The blues, reds, and greens, all collide together is a display that causes the ohhs and ahhhs to be heard all through the winding streets of this town.

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    I crack open the large packet of raw bacon and throw it into the sizzling pan. Layering the strips like the top crust on a pie, I start to hear the popping of the delicious meat.