• insects are so damn small and yet they’re one of the most annoying and pest(oh i get why they’re called that now)ulant things in all the lands.

    but i won’t squash them. that’s what they want. to make me lose my […]

  • in a cabin by the woods
    they sat and had their life
    they chuckled and gave knowing smiles
    of all their days new strife
    and i would enter knowingly
    with grin upon my face
    to watch them laugh and pull me in,
    a friend wrought lone disgrace

  • they say your body is a temple, but i’m doing the best i can
    my offerings are all i have
    i want to praise you
    want you to rejoice in my sacrifices
    but the only sacrifices i can make
    are in the ones i give to you

  • What we’d all like to be– men, women, girls, boys, cats and heron alike
    to give up the responsibility of our own lives until nothing can bother us
    because it wasn’t our
    in the first place
    oh thank you, heavens, for picking
    the slack

  • step by step to step a step up beat
    down steps, we race
    you beat
    me every time

    but i can bind
    but i combine
    the steps your steps
    and you
    ask me
    to teach
    your feet
    to dance

  • placeholders on my mind before i still the thoughts for what still stays
    and no matter what would have been on the brink
    of conception, the interception takes over
    and pushes interpretation through
    and through
    and elation arises as I see a connection
    that i made of nothing but missed directions

  • shepherd’s pie? PIE? REALLY? you’re so deceiving, you sneaky dish…

    pie implies the style of dessert but none of that for me, the veggie

  • [entury Goth|c Med!um commented on the post, castle 8 years ago

    the charm compels and rhythm calms
    the spark pulls but from afar
    what is so desirable about something i wouldn’t really want?

  • [entury Goth|c Med!um commented on the post, mutual 8 years ago

    is there such thing as true mutual longing?
    what is the demon who spreads the disease of wanting what is unavailable,
    and where can i find it? it must be killed because, seriously, this is getting old.
    let me love who loves me and beloved by he who i love.
    please. i rarely beg.

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    stacks of stacks and nested nests of rested bests
    and bested tests, layered under lines and statements and linear latency
    where numbers don’t align like they might
    if i knew what to do

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    the light is firm but gentle i’d say that’s a bird chriping but it’s probably just the sunrise filling in the blanks of my mind’s peace and mom puts out the spoons as i sit and watch the space between the window panes– she looks at me through her smudged glasses (though she was led […]

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    morals fall out my mouth like molars and
    mortals can’t mold to more of the lore until
    we meet the elite
    and let them eat
    what ethics we have left

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    If music sounds unfamiliar going backwards, is that merely musical styles we have yet to create? There’s a lot to be learned from playing with time.

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    half of me the split seat and shared for more than half my health when all i wanted was a waist that’s wasted for more than half of you and less of me

  • standing out when everyone’s sitting shouldn’t be too hard, but everyones’ chairs look so soft. forgot how to put words down like i used to. it’s been too long. typing is a calculated process of inputting letters, characters, pressing buttons not writing. d i s t i n g u i s h e d

  • illusions, sick fusions with ill glued tins and
    that’s cool, that’s wicked, that’s ill
    that’s all
    folks, we’ve got something to spill

  • every word sounds trite
    every thought far from new
    this too
    this toooo
    thiiiiiis too
    it’s just
    all been said
    i know that’s not true
    but at least that which I’m thinking right now has
    I guess I should just stop writing, then.

  • sticks and stones:
    that which breaks my
    hones my skills and frees my
    grind the earth with teeth to eat my
    birds fly by and i can’t recall how I arrived.

  • faintly waves up beneath my breasts and climbs up my curves as I slide through the cold future, my shoulders and head not yet ready to go under

  • Nothing ever made them muse, made them gasp, made them choke back the possibility of speech like this did. Their bracelets clacked and their fingers trembled as they reached for the loaf of dough, risen from the collaborative efforts of so many hands and ingredients. As they tried to discern whether the yellow and blue […]