• Cherise commented on the post, weakling 6 years, 12 months ago

    To be a weakling indicates a lack of ability to deal with the challenges at hand. But there are two types of weakness — that which comes from sheer lack, and that which comes because one is unwilling, has stuck one’s head in the sand, refuses to acknowledge that the time has come to be strong and do hard things.

  • Cherise commented on the post, embellish 7 years ago

    Bring it to life, bring it forth with even more life than it had when it was first born. Make it wild, give it zest, throw wide the doors, let in the light of a thousand suns. Traverse the deserts that span the worlds, smell the flowers that grow by starlight on the far side of the moon, make it rain tears for every lost chance.

  • Cherise commented on the post, leathery 7 years ago

    There’s a smell to this, a good, old sort of smell, something a little more refined and at the same time a little wilder than our ordinary, prepackaged life. There’s also a color, my favorite being the brown that comes in different shades. Brown is underappreciated, I think, and yet it has so much depth of variety.