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    Hot gas fills the air // makes the kitchen warm // as I watch, the light is quivering // a microcosm storm // suddenly I’m hungry // you’re walking very near // looking straight at me // you say “when is dinner, dear?”

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    In a flash, she was off, reluctant to be anyone’s fool. There were things in life you just stand up for – and this one one. After all, there are fewer ways to lose a friend than to treat them as if they were disposable. Like a mirror, this turns on you. She walked out the door for good.

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    Let it change your life.
    Face into the moment, the fire, the war waging since before we were born.
    Since before mankind was born.
    Face into the fire – let it change your life.
    Fall deep within the foxhole, trust your savior to stand up.
    Do not give up on yourself.
    Do not give up on your creator.
    Do not kill one another.
    Let the fear…[Read more]

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    It started with the heat, cold pushing off to the north. The swarms were abundant, the crops had nothing to harvest. In the moment when everything seemed still, there was a baby crying. Not long after is when he died. Then, it was just the three of us alone.

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    There’s a light, there’s a tunnel, a walkway, a snare. Whichever way you go, you’ll be there. Step on the wing and let go in the sky: whichever way you so, so will I… So let your hair fall out of your face, let […]

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    Never felt like it was enough anyways, she said, walking away. Never thought what? he yelled afterwards. She kept her stride, walking between people on the crowded sidewalk. As he followed her, she seemed to get […]

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    Still in wait, a moment of pause before the fight begins. He heaves a breath, awaiting certain death, and knows that if nothing else, he will put everything he has into this fight. His breath is steady and strong, […]

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    A moment in time – “Take a picture, it lasts longer” the young girl laughs as she tosses her purse over the other shoulder. She does not know her beauty, the hidden moment of innocence that wanders off with age. […]

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    wrapping around her hips, tempo just ever-so-slightly increasing, raising it to her chest, around her arms, neck, over and under, over and under, over and under, down to her knees, tensing in the thighs… she spins around herself, spinning around the world, the world spinning around her, moving in time with the universe as it […]

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    The snow circles the snowy hillside, and falls softly on shaky ground. The trees have long since left this hillside, and the dirt, en masse, launches its muddy self towards the road below. And the sidewalk above is left with little to stand upon, the woman who sits on the bench next to the road […]

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    She sought through the warm wind the chasing of the sun. Out into the field, over moist grass, she fell into the soil underneath, past the layers of worms, far into the darkening abyss. Below her, the ground cracked, falling farther and farther, til on the other side, there was nothing but the sun to […]

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    The ties are pulled tighter, snug around her waist, cynching in her sides and causing her to stand just a little taller. She puts her weight on the counter top, taking a few shorter breaths, waiting to find herself right back in the moment.

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    The lace flew around her face and wrists, delicate arms held back by a shred of fabric. You could see just past her ankles, to where the leg began expanding again. As she moved, the motion was captured by satin, just the essence of the movements, the part the dress wanted you to see.

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    The solid lines seem to be like walls – capturing moments so ephemeral. I’ve tried for years to let the walls fall down, but they seemed so strong, so capable of holding and releasing, given the right door. the vestibule closed. the house shrunk. the walls became paper, the lines were just waves. the streets […]

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    Letting go of the way things ought to be has opened up many doors. Each knob is a different feel, a different grasp must pull it, a different tugging sensation. When I can ignore what I expect from the door, I can let in more of the senses. What is on the other side is […]

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    Left to my own devices, I could have laid in bed all day. The warmth under covers, the longing of dreams I’ve just left behind, the breaking of daytime through pains of steaming glass. The twilight has faded, the dawn has arrived, yet it’s not my choice today as to what happens next…

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    Letting you in, letting her in, letting him in. This door is what I open. It is how we come to be in the same place. You enter through my door, you open yours to me. We enter the same room, become part of the same moment. Stare at the same artwork and out the […]

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    Every moment, your eyes are clear. Your thoughts are here, waiting for me to see them, through this window, as they say. I give you myself, a little at a time, a sort of bartering of the heart and mind. You hold on to me, I hold on to you. There’s little time to waste, […]

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    Little by little, the light turns around. I thought I was faster than the setting sun, he said, trying to get everything done. He has given me more than he might be capable of, but it’s been just moments of his time, and to us both that is just fine… the heart of one speaks […]

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    You hold hundreds of pounds in your hands, lifting for a brief moment and releasing. You take smaller fistfulls and curl them towards you. You hold me as you held them, tight and fast, weightless, bringing us closer to you.