• “Checkmate!” My opponent exclaimed. I looked down at the chessboard in dismay. I had really thought my strategy was better than it turned out to be in this game. Well, I guess there’s always the next round.

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    He was an odd creature. Not what you and I would call normal looking. I’d never seen one before and I was sure that not many other people had, either. But one thing was for sure, I had to get closer to it. I had to discover more about this wonderful discovery that crossed my path.

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    I’m sure that if I don’t find something that makes me feel accomplished and successful soon, I think I’ll go insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got depressed if I didn’t. All I want to do is find something meaningful.

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    There are so many rules in life. She figured some were made to be broken. Some were posted, others were learned along the way and she would abide most of them, but when it came to who she could fall in love with, well, that rule was more of a guideline.

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    He was really hoping they wouldn’t flare up again, but they did. It was inevitable. Every time he looked at her, smelled her spicy scent, heck let alone thought about her, those feelings returned. And he loved it everytime…

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    I’m convinced that the company I work for is trying to screw with me. At first, I work for them as a temp worker for a decent wage, but now that they bring me on as a normal worker, they dock my pay by a dollar an hour? What kind of crap is that? I […]

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    I couldn’t contain my concern for him any longer. It always happens when we try to talk. He just walks away or turns the other cheek. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and that’s fine, but something needs to be done. I wish he wanted to do something about it.

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    Curiouser and curiouser…

    I’m curious by nature. Things are all so interesting if you really stop and take the time to study and analyze them. Where did they come from? Why are they here? How do they exist? Come on, doesn’t it make you curious?

  • I had forgotten. I told myself I never would, but it slipped my mind without my permission. I didn’t think that something so traumatic would become a mere memory long lost, but that’s what it’s become. Thank goodness.

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    Suicide. The thought had never before crossed his mind, but now it seemed like the only option. Either he lay down his life as a sacrifice, or the psycho would kill her. He can’t have that happen. Scratch that; he will not let that happen. She means too much to him. He’d rather die than […]

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    She just couldn’t wrench her wrist out of his grip, no matter how hard she twisted and pulled from him. His hold was like a vice-grip, chaining them together. As hard as she tried to hate him for being so brutally possessive, it secretly made her beam on the inside, knowing that no matter what, […]

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    He felt her lean into his back, gripping his waist. The motorcycle growled beneath them, the wind sending their hair sailing backwards behind them. He thought she’d be afraid, but the feel of her face against the back of his broad shoulder contradicted any doubt in his mind. Smirking, he revved the engine and sighed […]

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    There were so many reports piled on her desk. Juliet was sure that it would take her all night to finish the backlogged cases. They stressed her out the the max, but she was quite certain that the two things that could make it all better would be a pineapple smoothie and a certain psychic […]