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    Her flowing gown caught his eye at once, entrancing him. It showed him little of her figure, which only made him want to see more.

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    Every famous artist, or anyone with a creative outlet appears to have a muse. Someone to bring their visions and creations to life, someone unlike any other. But maybe a muse can also be your love. Or I could just be musing about the word muse, I don’t know.

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    You amuse me, from time to time. But more often, you amaze me, with your charming ways, wonderful smile and the way you go about your everyday life. Your eyes twinkle when you’re amused, and I can’t help but think how bizarre it is that you’re mine. I wonder if I amuse you this way, […]

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    ill. Everyone’s always ill, of some sort. Ill of mind, ill of body or just ill thoughts clouding everyday life. I can’t say I’m all that ill, in comparison to some people. Or perhaps I am. Who knows? Maybe that’s an illness in itself

  • I feel like I’m at an intersection in life right now.

    Do I take the road ahead, the one that would be more comfortable for me?

    Or do I take a deep, deep breath, and change direction, to follow what I really want?

    I don’t know anymore.

  • Twisting
    You think you’re oh-so-severe
    There’s no-one near
    To call your own

    Go on and dream

    You’re not so severe

    But well, mister, I don’t know how you can have
    Sweet dreams

  • Severe…Sever
    Sever severe ties
    Surreal how we see things as severe
    Cut away the previous ties
    Sever your indiscretions
    Embrace the severity within you

  • Integrity. Adherence to moral and ethical principles. Even the word itself sounds a little untrustworthy – “Gritty”. Like there are grains and flaws included somehow I don’t really think I know many people at all with integrity in this sense. I hope there are people out there with this kind of integrity. Unwavering, solid. I […]