• I can’t believe the statement was made.

    Was she really audacious?

    Was it a compliment?

  • She suspects that his phone must be dead. Why else would he not respond to her teasing, tempting ‘sext’ messages? Typically, even if he’s in the office, she gets a hasty response… filled with typos and poor […]

  • Perched high on the roof of the abandoned building, entwined in a half-naked post-coital coil, their heads turned in unison at the unmistakable noise. Approaching quickly were dozens of patrol cars: lights […]

  • The next thing he knew, he was looking up from a prone position on a stretcher.

    Only moments before he had been skiing.

    Just before that, he’d seen the woman of his dreams.


  • Did you ever stop to consider the personal decorations we insist upon loading onto our bodies each day? Start with underwear. Then clothes. Add jewelry and BAM! Mother Nature be damned.

    What about the beauty […]

  • The hotel he’d chosen was worth the money. Nicely decorated, the amenities were also well thought and well placed. For instance, the inclusion of a Bose sound system. The iPod plugged into an auxiliary jack meant […]

  • I recently saw the most fascinating doorknob on Pinterest.

    Instead of the usual boring shape, this one was an outstretched hand, thumb up, ready for a handshake. I loved the idea of the friendly greeting to […]

  • Sadly there have never been imagined bandages to heal a broken heart.

  • He was so sexy in that monkey suit.
    Hair well-coiffed, nails trimmed, breath minty fresh.
    She had chosen him as her financial adviser purely based on his looks.
    Hopefully he was good with money… and in bed.

  • Natalie was worried sick.

    What on earth would she wear to his birthday party tonight?

    She wanted something cute and smart.

    Something new and pretty to impress him.

    Tonight she planned to speak – after […]

  • She woke with a jerk.
    Not the snoring, naked man beside her.
    The physical kind.
    Sitting up in the darkness, eyes wide open, she can’t calm the turbine in her chest.
    3:18 shines brightly from the TV set top […]