• sam commented on the post, freezer 5 years, 6 months ago

    Walked down … turned around… i saw you, standing there… i went out and it was so cold.. it was freezing… i couldn’t even feel your warmth.. it was like if everything had gone down the drain, the memories, the love… all gone.

  • sam commented on the post, electrocute 6 years, 2 months ago

    energy… going through me.. you electrocute me.. water. i fall.. everything lights up..
    its burning… i feel it..but i can’t do anything… i hear screams… save her, saver her.

  • sam commented on the post, destroy 6 years, 6 months ago

    Everything in your path is broken. shattered. We go on with our lives, destroying friendships, relationships. Loved ones and people we care about turn into strangers. It’s time to let go. Time for the healing to start.

  • sam commented on the post, barrel 6 years, 6 months ago

    Barrels.. buckets.. blood everywhere. emotions flying. people screaming. sleeping. silence is so loud. so strong.

  • sam commented on the post, officers 6 years, 6 months ago

    Officers..Disorder. Chaos. Heroes. People that make up our world today. Normal people saving everyday lives. saving you, saving me. Putting other lives before their own.

  • sam commented on the post, game 6 years, 7 months ago

    it’s a game.. we all play it. we all know the tricks. the rules. we all play dumb. no one understands. we’re all in the game. we’re all playing. we live it. every day. all the time. it’s a never ending game. and we’re all stuck inside.

  • sam commented on the post, banks 6 years, 11 months ago

    banks.. money.. we we’re made to live for so much more.. life takes a toll on us and time goes by and no one notices.. the sun goes down and stars come out and no one notices.. banks and money… we we’re meant to […]

  • sam commented on the post, decorations 7 years ago

    decorations… Christmas.. the first thing that pops into my head… my most favorite time of year.. all the bright lights that decorate the city nights.. seeing your breath in the air .. Christmas trees in every […]

  • sam commented on the post, auxiliary 7 years ago

    auxiliary .. sounds like a helping hand..something we all need every once in a while, something most people are too afraid to admit they need.. something most people forget to ask for.. we’re all in this […]

  • sam commented on the post, overalls 7 years ago

    overalls.. haven’t seen anyone wearing them lately. the people who do remind me of the past. sometimes things from the past come back and shape the future.. i wouldn’t underestimate them.

  • sam commented on the post, detention 7 years ago

    detention.. all i can think about is high school.. i don’t remember ever getting detention.. it seems like yesterday when we all graduated and started a whole new chapter of our lives… i can’t seem to fully […]

  • sam commented on the post, modem 7 years ago

    modems… don’t know much about them… they have to do with computers.. which i don’t know much about either. I can say that technology has evolved so much since the last century… who knew.. know we can see […]

  • sam commented on the post, railroad 7 years ago

    railroads.. i look across .. ahead.. all i see is the horizon.. i hear a train coming.. its far away.. really far away… makes me wanna look ahead.. see if its coming.. see if i cant let go.. be free..

  • sam commented on the post, motion 7 years ago

    everything is always in motion.. it never stops.. the world goes round and round.. time goes on and on.. sometimes i wish it could all freeze.. but everything is always in motion.. as we plan our life passes by.. […]

  • sam commented on the post, chills 7 years ago

    chills… when i look at you, you give me chills.. my stomach feels weird and i can’t help but smile.. i can’t believe how time goes by when we’re together.. you’re the only person i never get tired of spending […]

  • sam commented on the post, saturday 7 years ago

    saturday.. party time :) … weekend.. relax… look outside.. enjoy the view.. the climb.. saturday.. weekend .. day to throw thoughts out the window.. words into the sky.. and anger out into the wind… day to start new :)

  • sam commented on the post, crust 7 years ago

    crust .. like the earth’s crust ? .. or pie crust ? … not sure which one to write about really.. kinda stuck… crust… crust… it resounds in my head as i try to think what to say about it… impressive how […]

  • sam commented on the post, seeds 7 years ago

    seeds… small moments of life. what you sow is what you reap. attitudes. moments. wishes. what we fight for. decisions we make today that affect our tomorrow. our life is all made up of seeds and we are all trees […]

  • sam commented on the post, dwell 7 years ago

    dwell… on the past.. the future.. the present. we all dwell.. time passes by and we dwell.. we think. about our fears. about what we love. what we’re scared to lose. what if we dwell on what makes us happy ? […]

  • sam commented on the post, minute 7 years ago

    one minute. one minute is all it takes for your life to fall apart or come together.. one minute. just one moment. a moment of impact. a moment that changes your life and the lives of people around you. one minute […]