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    Determined. Undermined. Layman’s terms. I am free writing. I have wanted to do something like this for weeks, when my brain is in this sort of state. I fly out of my own state and go to a world where I can do something better. I am determined to find the state where I can eat purple sugar-paper flowers and candy skulls daily and snack on vegan…[Read more]

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    Maybe the next time somebody asks me if I’m okay, I’ll actually say “No”.

    Instead of listening to the wine bottles clink against each other in the backseat of the car while my dad drives home from the grocery […]

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    I wake up with a criss-crossing pattern on my face from the rough pillow I passed out on. The music is pounding downstairs. I rub my cheek, willing the lines to go away, worrying about catching up, there’s no way […]

  • Alice commented on the post, loss 7 years, 4 months ago

    My loss is different and will affect me forever. Every loss is hard, but worse when it’s unnatural.

    You drove over our heads on the highway, we probably heard the motor of your pickup. You continued, past the […]

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  • Alice commented on the post, flirt 7 years, 5 months ago

    I flirt with the night. He teases me with promises of sleep and sweet dreams and I smile coyly and roll away with shy laughs. I want what he promises.

    But unfortunately, I’m having a war right now, and the […]

  • Alice commented on the post, maze 7 years, 5 months ago

    I’m lost. The synapses and turns of my brain are bending, I didn’t keep my hand on the wall. Things still hurt, I still smile.

    Whenever I reply to something, I feel morbid, speaking of banging on walls and […]

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    Today I got asked which room in my house I would most like to put a fireplace. I answered my living room. I feel like any other place would be a little silly.

    A nice, cozy fire to cuddle up on the loveseat in front of.
    The end.

  • Alice commented on the post, thunder 7 years, 7 months ago

    The thunder echoes the beating of my heart. Slow, steady. The rain on the roof mimics the tears on my cheeks. Tired, exhausted… let me sleep.

    It’s 6am every morning and I’m still awake every morning, listening to the weather through the paper-thin walls and wondering when I’ll find home again.

  • Alice commented on the post, view 7 years, 7 months ago

    Two people view things in very different ways.

    First impressions do matter.

    This is another day where it’s hard to really write about something. View view view view.
    Room with a view. Wow, look at that view. Your tits are quite the view. Yikes, what a view. Viewer discretion advised. Don’t view without parent permission.

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    Platinum. My dad’s wedding ring was platinum. I never really saw the difference between the more expensive platinum and it’s other cold, silver counterparts. But it was a nice ring. A simple, thick band to go with his strong fingers. I got to walk my dad down the aisle. The church was open and breezy. […]

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    “You deserve this,” he whispered before kissing me. I never thought I deserved anything. Especially not anything this good. This was amazing. This was too good. Every bit of my body was buzzing, every inch of my skin was aching to be touched. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened our kiss that […]

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    If he were a table set with a meal, no part of him shined above the others to create a centerpiece. There was so much of him that I wanted to kiss and ravish and mumble words of worship against, that none of him stood out against the rest. There was no vase of flowers […]

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    “Obey.” The strong character on screen said. His head was shaved, his eyes glowed red. I did at first. It’s strange how emotional video games can become these days. Every time I obeyed, a little symbol appeared overhead telling me that I was becoming more evil with each step I took in his command. I […]

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    This past week has been one wrought with the most stability I’ve had all semester. Which was strange, because I didn’t have any plans for this week. It just happened. I woke up every day. I skipped all my classes except for German. I ate lunch, breakfast, and snack (can’t call fries dinner)… And then, […]